Can anyone recommend a good message board for sound & recording engineers?

Hi, all. I have some questions about the best methods fpr recording accoustic piano tracks (what formats to use, which mics are the best, mic placement, etc.).

Does anyone know of a good message board or community where I can consult people who are specifically in the field, or have expertise in it? I’m not quite sure where to start.

Thanks! I value your opinions. (-;

             - Freewill39.

Try asking people at this messageboard, bound to be someone who can help:

Not a messageboard, but there used to be a newsgroup called I haven’t looked at it for a while, but when I did the s/n ratio wasn’t too bad…

That said, I’d also be interested in a messageboard, if anyone knows of one…

[a]this[/a] is a nice friendly place.
(more computer music oriented, but loads of knowledge)

(home of the now-defunct (?) Mixerman)

I’ve yet to find a better resource than this, they have their last 10 years worth of articles on-line. You can’t read the articles from the last two issues unless you subscribe. It’s worth getting the print version as well.

Sound on Sound Magazine

This is a matter of opinion rather than fact, so I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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While specific to Pro Tools, I’ve seen many discussions on the exact recording techniques you’re asking about in ‘general discussions’. Its professionally maintained & moderated.

go to ‘support’–>‘users conference’.

The Home Recording BBS is excellent. The Rec Pit (mentioned by Swoop) also has a great deal of information, but they don’t treat you as nice.


Second on the Home Recording dot com BBS… A lot of smart talented people, with a small side order of posers and wannabes for entertainment value…