Can anyone recommend an ebook hosting/selling service?

I’m looking for something like CafePress, but which will let me upload and sell my ebooks.

Specifically, I want a service that will:
[ul][li]Let me upload book files.[/li][li]Provide a customizable catalogue page which allows the customer to search and list the ebooks by subject, ISBN, etc.[/li][li]When the customer checks out and buys, provide a custom download page specifically for that customer. [/li][li]Accept PayPal and Major Credit and Debit Cards, including Interac Online.[/li][li]Send payment to my PayPal account. [/li][li]Charge no monthly fee or fees up front. I’m fine with a per-item fee on each sale only; I’ve been doing that with my T-shirts on CafePress for years.[/li][/ul]Anyone use such a service? I’ve found plenty of services that will do this for a monthly fee, but I’m broke and can’t afford a monthly anything. CafePress itself would do exactly what I want, but they don’t seem to sell ebooks. I think might do this, but I’m still looking through their information.

I have my own ISBNs already (Canadians can get them for free through the national library). And I am quite capable of making my own ebooks.

Has anyone here done this?