PDF printing

I’m looking for an online store where I can have some large PDF files (books) printed. I used google, but can’t find one with the degree of customization I need. I want them actually printed with a book-type of binding, and be able to put the title on the spine, etc.

Anyone have a suggestion? (I also want it to be cheaper than Kinko’s)

http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/sell/products/books perhaps?

I’ve used http://www.lulu.com/ before for a one-off project for myself. You upload a pdf (or they will convert it for you); prices are reasonable ($4.53 + 0.02 per page for B/W); they offer a sales venue but you don’t have to use it (and you’re not obligated to let anyone else see the content).

Thanks, I’ll check those out!