Can anyone stand Joe Scarborough?

I like to watch the show. Joe is usually good. He’s not misogynistic in the way he treats Mika, that’s the way he treats everyone. It is his show after all. He’s an honest recovering conservative, if only there were more such figures on TV no matter how annoying.

This is my take on the show.

I don’t watch it every morning or anything but I tend to listen to it for maybe half an hour to 45 minutes in the morning on my drive home from work. I don’t view his talking over Mika as misogynistic because as others have said he does that to everyone. And I have no doubt there’s more than a sliver of narcissism involved as well.

However as a former conservative, Scarborough not me I’ve never been conservative, his complete exasperation and anger at what the Republican party has become over the last 20 years is refreshing to listen to. And he’s coming at it from a completely different angle than what you would normally see from other commentators on MSNBC.

That said I don’t view morning Joe as a news show. It’s a morning show not altogether unlike say Good morning America. It just has a more political bent by virtue of who’s hosting it as well as the overall thrust of the network itself. His obsession with baseball can be kind of annoying sometimes and I LIKE baseball. Still for the less than an hour or so I actually listened to it each morning it’s entertaining enough I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.

His exasperation might be pleasing to me if it was accompanied even a tiny bit by some humility in appealing to the racist, evil, greedy, assholes who constitute the GOP base. He’s always talking about how appalled he is by the current GOP, but never acknowledges that he eagerly puckered up to kiss these same people square on the ass for years and years. It’s as if he doesn’t see the connection between the GOP he denounces every day and the voters he tried so desperately (and smugly) to please for decades.

Yes, this is one of my major complaints. Same thing happened in 2015/6, when they had Trump on the show a TON, and then at some point disavowed him and blamed the media for giving him such a platform… while totally not acknowledging they were part of the problem.

they WERE the fucking problem. They were certainly the worst offenders, inviting him to call back, making him a semi-regular on their show, accepting his version of events without much (often without any) challenge. It was only when HE turned on THEM that they started fighting back. And they haven’t accepted their sycophantic role in his rise as being causative. If they’d have said “This guy’s a loser and a blowhard–let’s just make fun of him” Trump might not have gotten elected in the first place.

Huh, I somehow managed to completely miss this when it happened. And I’ve only recently within the last year or so actually started listening to the show. I just went and googled “Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump” and did some reading. You’re right that does put a completely different spin on things. I honestly had no idea that Trump was on his show prior to the 2016 election. Frequently.

Don’t give a shit for these dipshits. Just turn on some music and am good to go. I really have no idea why anyone wastes their energy on this stuff.