Can Anyone Tell If This Website Is For Real?

This site was passed along in a newsletter by a contributor and he said he thought it was for real. It’s just waaay too far-out and disgusting to imagine that this is a bonafide business venture. It’s at and I was wondering if I could get some opinions. This thing is just too crazy, or maybe I’m not keeping up with the times.
Thanks in advance to anyone who checks it out.

No, it’s not. Check the article at Snopes for debunking info.

Thank you very much for the reply. Most excellent. And thanks for the link. I’ll bookmark that one for future references and pass along the info. Ya gotta admit though, it was a pretty slick presentation (especially for a 16 year old, sick puppy that he is). Thanks man, I feel better already. That site had put me off food for a couple of days.