Fresh Man Beef!!!

WTF, may I ask, is this all about???

Man Beef

I swear it isn’t pornographic in any way. Is this a serious site???

Be peaceful and calm, Evnglion, for 'tis a hoax.

Silliness. The letter in the “mailbag” seem to be written by the same person—style, vocabulary, etc.

letterS in the mailbag

You can find an entry on on the Snopes website.

Tis a joke.

Pretty funny, though.
I freaked a friend of mine out with that site about a month ago - he kept begging me, “please say it’s a joke!It sounds so official, and they’ve got prices and everything!”
I told him I thought it was real.
Cool t-shirts, too.

You’re cruel, woodstockbirdybird, very, very cruel … :wink:

Wasn’t this already covered in the manbeef thread two months ago?