Can anyone tell me what happened on the last episode of Kingdom Hospital?

I was so mad, my DVR space was used up so it didn’t tape it. I can only find episode guides with a little info. Can anyone give me a detailed report? Thanks!

I can give you at least a brief overview. I watched it, but don’t recall a lot of the small details now.

The group went into the “other” world…the one that existed before. They took the bell ringer (was her name Mary?) and the weird anteater monster thing. They wandered around trying to find clues to point them in the right direction.

One of them picked up a piece of chalk at some point and drew an arrow on the wall, thus making the direction the arrow was pointing into the “RIGHT” direction. So now he realized he had this power to make things be.

Eventually they came to the place in time where the fire was being set by the two evil men. After they entered the room (and may have been locked in, I’m not sure now) the artist drew a fire extinguisher on the wall, which became real. He then picked it up and put out the fire.

Upon returning to Kingdom Hospital in the current time, they came across a painting of “Mary the Bell Ringer” on the wall…they’d saved her when they changed the course of time. According to a plaque benethe painting, she lived to be 92 years old and the hospital existed because of her endowment.

Of course, the last scene is one with what’s-his-name, accompanied by the two evil “spirits” blowing into his thumb and raising his little finger. He’s still nuts and presumably will wreak havoc in the future. You can never have an overly tidy ending for these things.


A satanic HMO bought the place and shut it down for budgetary reasons.