Can banned posters still read the board?

I had asked this in the Handy thread in the pit, but it was locked before it could be answered. (fully).

I’ve heard <ahem> that banned posters are not necessarily able to read the board - a particular ISP can be blocked to prevent any access, not just posting privilages.

Is this the case?

(Just curious, you understand.)

Generally speaking, anyone can read the boards.

Not necessarily quickly, of course.

Humm. Well, I received a conflicting report from a Banned poster (who shall remain unnamed).

Apparently, shortly after they were banned, they were unable to even read the boards, where as I was having no problem, whatsoever.

I assume it was an unrelated computer problem that just happened at the same time? Or is this sometimes done by the Admins? (Blocking a particular ISP.)

I did say, “generally speaking.”


Thanks then. :slight_smile:

OK, I think.

Imagine, a conspiracy theory here at the SDMB…



I think I better go lie down with a cool cloth over my eyes.

I was once accidentally IP-banned (they were after someone else and there was a typo), and I couldn’t read the boards.

Right. Not a conspiracy of Handy, a different conspiracy.

Never mind. :slight_smile:

There’s no shortage of conspiracies, especially around here, especially if you’re credulous.

he says meanacingly, nonchalantly fingering his NAZI medallion. :wink:


Can someone please close this thread, 'cus now it’s just absurd.

Posts are in, posts are out. People with less than 5 posts are theorizing about bizarre alien abduction theories for who Handy is.

It’s kind of giving me a headache.

Mods? Mod? Admin? Buler? :slight_smile:


That’s “Bueller”, I believe.

To me, it looks like alice is talking to herself.

I think Alice did that in the book as well. Might have something to do with the lookingglass? Have to dust off my Lewis Carroll and check.

It’s a trap!