Why am I Blocked?

I am having all sorts of internet problems.

Why will high-bandwidth Skype work, but the simple GMail page not load? I suppose I will figure it out eventually.

But why did I get an error message saying the SDMB Moderator had banned my IP address?

I presume it is a mistake, but perhaps your answer will help me sort this out. It would be easier for me if you could send me a reply at my e-mail.

Many thanks

You know there’s a sticky for this sort of thing at the top of ATMB, right?

If your IP number has been banned

We fight spammers aggressively at the SDMB. One of the tools we use to keep them out is to ban their IP numbers when we find them.

It is possible that when we do this you may be accidentally blocked from the board.

We want all the community members to be able to access the board, we want our lurkers, too. What we don’t want is spammers, who have been especially pesty lately.

If you find you cannot sign in to the board please contact TubaDiva @ aol. com

In your email please list the IP address you are currently using, that will go a long way towards solving the problem. If you do not know your IP number go to this site, it will tell you: http://www.whatismyip.com/

We hope that this process will go smoothly to keep spammers out and you connected. Please bear with us as we sort this out. Thanks.

You know that, if someone needs you to email them, a sticky’s not going to do much good, right?

Unless, of course, the sticky has instructions about who to email. If only they had thought of that.

Sure it will. If you’re connecting from a banned IP address, you can’t register and you can’t post, but you can still read the boards (including the sticky).

Not enough fiber optics?


I think it’s been clearly established that you can’t. Read the thread for examples.

I posted a thread recently in ATMB about this too. My IP was banned, and I could not read the forum. I remembered that there was a sticky about it, and found it on a cached google page.

Not everyone will have that idea, though.


I also sent an email.

Paul was able to start this thread so presumably he’s also able to read the board from somewhere.

It’s the tubes! The tubes are blocked up.