Can blindness be caused by excessive masturbation?

I once worked with a man who regularly masturbated at work, sometimes up to three times a day. He would go into a stall, drop his pants, and get on with it. The noises were distinctive and unmistakeable. His identity was confirmed by clocking his shoes and pants. He was married, so we assumed that he was getting some sexual relief at home. A few years ago, the man went blind. Just a coincidence?


Only if your hand slips off your root and you poke yourself in the eye.

i’d like to reply to this thread but the screen is barely readable.

Can blindness be caused by excessive masturbation?

Yes, if you define “excessive” as “more than one trillion times per day, for one year.”

People never pay heed to what their parents tried to teach them as children. They weren’t just talking out of their asses when they told you “watch where you point that thing.”

“I swear, doc, I was aiming for the frying pan!”

Well, if you masturbated so often that you couldn’t go out shopping or make proper meals you might get vitamin A deficiency and get night-blindness.

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of course not! what would be the mechanism?

Now the burning question is…does blindness cause excessive masturbation?

Which is nowhere near my peak at 13.

Staring at it too closely?

Hell of an assumption there, dude.

I was concerned about it. So, when I needed glasses, I stopped. Well, slowed down a bit.

I’m only blind in the left eye. I guess I should have alternated hands.

All kidding aside, how did the entire too much sex/too much masturbation = blindness thing originate? I’m sure we’ve covered this before, but I’ll let the hamsters have a smoke break. IIRC, it’s a biblical reference, isn’t it?

My eye doctor once told me that I should stop masturbating immediately. I was quite shocked and asked if I was going blind. “No,” she replied, “it’s just making me really uncomfortable.”

My Dad caught me masturbating and told me I’d go blind. I said “I’m over here Dad.”

Quoting from “The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser”, copyright 1895:

There you have it; no need to reasearch new tranquilizers, anti-psychotics, etc. Just get everyone to quite playing with themselves!

My emphasis.

So* THAT’S* the problem with The Constitution.

I think this was covered in a StraightDope column, but I can’t find it at the moment.

I’m still waiting for the hair on my palms to grow; I have a feeling that would make yanking the torpedo feel awesome!