can excessive masterbation cause...anyhing?

Apart from a bit of a sore willy, can excessive masterbation cause blindness as we were told, or any other biological or psycological problems?
you see, a friend of mine…

Excessive masterbation is clearly the cause of poor spelling.

Masturbator’s Elbow

According to the folks at globalgasm, masturbation can heal the planet (no link provided because the site is 18+).

Excessive masturbation can lead one to be less ready or able to react positively to sex with another individual.

In brief, while there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, don’t become addicted to your own caresses.

I always figured that proper technique was more a wrist thing than an elbow thing.

Excessive masturbation can be an avoidance behavior. If a person’s masturbatory habits are so time-consuming that he begins to cut back on other activities–especially those involving social situations–then that’s a problem. But it’s kind of a chicken and egg argument. It may be that the masturbation is not causing the avoidance behavior, but that the masturbation is caused by a desire to avoid.

It kin cauze mispulling uv de wurd “masturbation.”

>> masturbation is caused by a desire to avoid

Yep, I’ve always tought fucking is a good way to meet people.

hehe, that’s great sailor.

How would “excessive” be defined?

I think someone was getting worried!
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I can’t speak for you, but I’m here to fight ignorance…

Ummm my uhhhhhh, friend wants to know if this effect can be reversed by cutting back on masturbation and also if this is a physical or psychological (or both) effect.

Yes, care to elaborate Qadgop?

A big, giant mess. On the wall–if you’re a real man… :wink:

What’s to elaborate? Some (but not most) individuals end up substituting masturbation for sex with others, or end up finding it more gratifying than sex with others.

Rule of thumb: If whacking off keeps you from having mutually desired sexual relations, it’s a problem.

Ah, well, I thought you were perhaps meaning something else.

Or the computer screen…:smiley:

'bater blisters

induction into “The Son’s of Onan” society

no kleenex left for the guest bedroom

an obsessive concern with the integrity of door locking mechanisms

at least one extra load of laundry per week

fewer dining and entertainment charges on your credit card

a listless, lingering, languorous lethargy

Paul Rubens and George Michael become your best buds