Can castrated men have sex?

I have seen different thoughts/opinions, that castrated men cannot have sex, and thus in old days, they are made into eunuchs. But some people say that it was not effective.

Then I also have heard that castrating a rapist will not stop his ability to function/have sex.

Can castrated men still have normal sex? Does it change anything, frequency or ability?

I also heard of several men who have had testiclar cancer, and they had to have them removed, but I was in no position to ask about if they were still functional afterwards.

In particular, if castrated men “can have” sex, are there any women here who have had sex with such men? and is it any different, or wierd in any way?

No jokes please, just the facts.

There are different forms of castration, from a vasectomy to a complete removal of penis and testicles and everything in between. As long as a man retains his penis he can still have penetrative sex where he is on top. If he has his balls removed (like castrati of yesteryear) he can still get hard and top, but obviously there will be no payload so to speak. If he has his penis and testicles removed he will only be able to bottom (ie, he won’t be doing any penetrating).

I mean like: “like castrati of yesteryear”.

So you are saying that he can do it, but he wont climax nor enjoy it, nor want to do it?

Well, merely getting your testicles removed will prevent you from producing sperm and testosterone, but I’m not sure it will prevent you from climaxing. Many prepubescent boys experience orgasms without ejaculation.

OK Penis - no testes. He can still climax, there may be little ejaculate but there is no sperm at all. And most likely, he’ll be impotent and only be able to reach climax by manual stimulation. But without testes, which produce most of a man’s testosterone, he would have a very decreased sex drive. Viagra would work.

I never said he wouldn’t enjoy it. I don’t have sites to back this up but I believe that a man without testicles can still get and maintain an erection. I do believe that the lesser production of testosterone would probably lower the sex drive though.

If you are interested in this subject, have a read of Ann Rice’s book ‘Castrato’ (I think). It is fiction but is apparently based on fact and talks in quite detail about sex drives and lives of the Castrati.
Maybe it is spiced up for the book, but they seem to have been ideal lovers for married women of standing - sex without the worry! They also live in fear of not only losing their soprano (?) voices but also their erections due to the combination of being castrated and getting older.


A friend of mine had testicular cancer, which was treated with orchidectomy and chemotherapy. His comment was that that if you must have a potentially-fatal cancer, testicular cancer is the best since it is so easily treated. I guess that he is taking synthetic testosterone, but otherwise I take his comment (and the fact that his live-in girlfriend migrated to Australia to stay with him when he came home) to suggest that his sex life is pretty much unaffected.


Sure, smee wife makes me do it all of the time.

In line with Fighting Ignorance…vasectomies are in no way a type of castration. The operation simply blocks the passage of sperm to the outside during ejaculation. The tubes carrying the sperm are blocked in a number of different ways, but there is no effect on the production of testosterone, sperm or the ability to become erect.

I have friends who have had their vasectomies reversed, and subsequently fathered children. Can’t do that if you’ve been castrated.

Note that the testicles are not the only source of testosterone. It is also produced by the adrenal glands. Consequently, removing the testicles does not cause complete loss of sexual drive and function.

There is also chemical castration, which is more commonly used these days for sex offenders. They take shots that basically limit their testosterone levels so severely that it will take away thier sex drive. Of course they can still have sex, but the idea is that they won’t want to.

As Biffy has just said, men without testicles can still have a sex drive because testosterone is still developing in the body. This is the reason chemical castration tends to be more succesful than the alternative.

Farinelli (real name Carlo Broschi) is depicted in the film Farinelli as conducting amorous affairs, and as able to do everything (erection, penetration, etc.) except achieve orgasm. The film insinuated that his inability to climax actually made him a better lover than non-castrated men, who couldn’t/can’t always last long enough to please a woman.

I don’t know how much of that, if any, applied to Farinelli’s real sex life, but it seems to be based on the recognition that castrati in general were certainly capable of having sex.

That would be Cry to Heaven, which is one of her best IMHO.

Hi. I am a castrated male. My penis has shrunk to barely visible. If I feel rare sexual arousal/interest at all, my penis grows very minimally. Penetration is impossible. Sexual intercourse is impossible. It’s impossible to keep it stimulated enough before it shrinks, which is where it wants to remain permanently. It is possible to reach an orgasm, although extremely difficult. That is also pointless as you experience a moment of pleasure that vanishes instantly, leaving a feeling of large disappointment. Not being able to ejaculate is a huge let down physically. Therefore, a castrated males sexual life is nearly entirely over. Yes and you can’t take it back. It is a huge loss.

Um. I hate to bump a zombie thread. But may I ask why you are castrated?

I recall reading years ago that that was a reason for castrating male slaves in ancient Rome; safe sex for the noblewomen.

Thanks for joining the dope and for posting this. What happened that required you to be castrated? How was it done?

And if you’re not on testosterone supplements, why not?

[sub]please please let this NOT be one of those fetlife outliers…[/sub]

In Panati’s Extraordinary Endings Of Practically Everything And Everybody, there is a large section on castrati. Panati agrees with most of the posters here, a castrated male could still have sex. He notes the great castrato Veluti as being ‘notoriously unchaste’.