Can cavities Be Reversed?

Can cavities be reversed using products to rebuild enamel that contain Nova Min? Can it repair fractures and chipped teeth?

Early stage tooth decay can definitely be reversed.

demineralization yes but cavity(hole) no

I assume you mean remineralization, but actual cavities can be healed through a diet rich in fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and K) while limiting consumption of sugars and grains:

sorry I call a hole a cavity, if isn’t a hole yet it is decay.

No way a hole is repaired by a diet rich in vit. A,D and K. I’ve been doing dentistry for almost 28 years and no way that diet is the answer. Some demineralizations can be reversed but it is the minerals not vitamins that do it.

limiting sugar slows progression on the decay by not giving the bacteria a food source but won’t reverse the process.

A 1932 article. Simply put, if your only cite is an article from before you were born, you need to assume that it is wrong and hasn’t been replicated.

Whole quackery source, you mean.

Did you actually read that sinkhole of imbecility to see what was behind that claim?

Why? Why, indeed? What possible reason could there be?

The very next line namedrops Dr. Weston Price. As I have repeatedly stated on this Board, any site that namedrops Dr. Weston Price (or Dr. Joseph Mercola) is a quack site. Run. Run like hell.

Just so there’s no confusion as to the direct answer to this question: No.

No, however some people claim that a diet high in certain vitamins (A, D, K2) can help rebuild dentin which is the layer between pulp and enamel.

Novamin can help remineralize teeth but can’t fill in holes.

I’m obviously not a dentist.

You have a lot of silly opinions. Can you back them up with actual facts? Did you forget which forum you’re in?

<<head explodes>>

pushes halves of QtM’s head back together

10 seconds of Google backs up everything he just said. As does your own link, which is quite clearly an article from 1932.

I have no idea what your point is.

Everything you posted is woo or no longer valid science.

Your cite doesn’t even support your claim. It says further decay may (under certain circumstances) be delayed or arrested - not that it can be reversed.

I cited a paper by Mellanby and Pattison along with a post by Stephan Guyenet. What does the Weston A. Price Wikipedia entry have to do with anything?

You mean the one from 1932?

It’s rather clear you don’t realize most medical knowledge has been significantly updated and, in some cases, supplanted since then.

ETA: And, as Mangetout points out, the article doesn’t even say what you say it does.

Guyenet is a neurobiologist with no qualifications in dentistry. He is exclusively relying on other people’s research in that post - including Price:

Did you not read any of this stuff before you linked to it?

This is why I tend to avoid posting much in GQ these days. Too many outlandish claims posted as fact and even defended as such when shown to be erroneous.

Thanks of those of you still willing to fight “the good fight”. Or as Tolkien called it, “the long defeat”.

It’s not often that I find myself speechless, but Surreal succeeded.

All I can say is thanks to those who jumped in. And Surreal: I am proud to be the target of your ire on this subject.

I do remember hitting on a blog post when I was doing stumbleupon that claimed that she remineralized her teeth by making some sort of paste out of calcium pills and prescription level fluoride mouthwash, and using it in a biteguard for an hour a day. No idea if she was blowing it out her ass or actually managed it. <shrug> I tend to take health blog posts with a large grain of salt/salt substitute.

Anecdotally, mrAru’s stepfather is from Ajo AZ, which apparently has a very high level of natural fluoride in the water, and purportedly his reason for no cavities was not his diet, but the level of fluoride in the water and locally grown veggies consumed while growing up - as it is anecdotal, I will not swear to its accuracy. It does however seem to have some validity to me - they had to figure out the fluoride/enamel thing somehow.