Can Discourse stop trying to correct my grammar/usage?

Several times now, I’ve gotten this message while trying to post:

“Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

The post has to be cancelled or altered (last time, I added an emoji and that gave me the go-ahead).

Some threads in the Thread Games forum are listing games and don’t need a complete sentence–e.g., I posted R U O K? for a bogus band name and it would not be accepted.

What gives?

I don’t think that can be turned off, I just tried R U O K? by itself and got the message: “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” with no options but OK.

I’ll move this thread to Site Feedback.


In one of the light-hearted games, I skipped a few lines after the unacceptable posting and added (Stupid Discourse) and it worked. TPTB would undoubtedly not like a message board full of (Stupid Discourse). Or would you? :smile:

I can readily state, it would be prefered for you to use some other filler, even “this is filler”. :slight_smile:

That’s why you get the big bux! Excellent suggestion! Thanks again!

But the OK doesn’t allow you to approve it, notwithstanding Discouse. If you click OK, Discourse takes you back to the edit box and expects you to “correct” it. If you don’t make any change, you get the same error message.

Discourse will not allow variations from its assessment of whether something is a full sentence.

Correct, that is why I moved the thread here. The Mod staff can’t fix it, Discourse developers would have to.

Yep, I tried to post a 4-word, 14-character, subject-verb-object, complete sentence today, and discourse wouldn’t allow it.

I think ´yourself’ is actually one word :smile:

Hint: all caps posts are generally viewed as not a great thing if that helps us assess this mystery. :ghost: :wink:

There are rare times when a short all-caps post is what’s needed.



The box needs a “mind your own business, Discourse” option.