"Complete sentence" rule

This BS has to go. When playing hangman, it’s an absolute waste of time and effort to type anything other than, eg, “Y?” (or “Y…?” to meet the five-character rule). There’ve been many other cases where I’ve received this message. And the infuriating thing about it is that posting anyway is not an option – the only thing one can do is click on “OK” and then add pointless rubbish to the post. What [expletive deleted] idiot thought this would be a good idea?


And no, this topic is NOT similar to “Today was very productive, yet also a complete waste of time” or to “Curse you Google! I can no longer type goog…goo…goggles!”


Okay couldn’t post just Y? because it needed 5 characters, but adding 4 more characters it went through with no error even though it wasn’t a complete sentence. Haven’t seen the thing you’re talking about and don’t know how to trigger it.

““Complete sentence” rule”

Also, I’d like a rule (and have suggest it in the past) that people tell us what the hell they’re talking about in their OP.

On snopes, which had a ten character limit, the style was “and some characters” to meet the limit. Try that!

That also counts as pointless rubbish.

Thank you!

Your point?

I knew exactly what he meant.

That doesn’t help out the people that don’t know exactly what an OP is talking about.

I quoted what I was talking about, I explained the problem, and I’m obviously talking about Discourse. What else do you want?

It wasn’t until the post after yours that someone mentioned a minimum character requirement that I wasn’t familiar with, that you didn’t mention in the OP. And, as someone that’s never used a discourse board before this, it wasn’t obvious to me that you were talking about Discourse. And the quote, lacking context, didn’t mean anything to me, especially since it’s not a link to another thread where I might have figured out what you were talking about.

A simple mention of the minimum character length that the board is enforcing would have been helpful, at least for me.

However, upon mentioning that I was confused, I got:




Maybe I missed something in the OP, maybe I didn’t and other people are confused as well. I don’t understand the push back.

He did mention the 5 character rule in passing. However his main complaint seems to be that Discourse will enforce a sentence structure if it thinks you are not speaking in sentences, and will then not allow the post until corrected. I have not experienced this.

His point is that the OP doesn’t explain what this thread is about. It’s opaque nonsense to me. I have no idea what it’s talking about.

There’s no context for your quote. I have no idea what it’s from or why it’s there or what it means or why you’re upset about it.

Do you actually want a lesson in effective communication here? Maybe Discourse needs even stricter rules.


For some of us it wasn’t just to annoy y’all.


…and some characters.

Yeah, there used to be some extra characters in f8f8f8, sadly this board ain’t got colors or non colors.


ETA: Was something else I saw.