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The military judge erred in admitting the evidence. Since the Government had no other evidence of the appellant’s guilt of the offense,8 we set aside the findings of *609 guilty and the sentence, and dismiss the charge and specification with prejudice.

  1. Block quotes are nifty


I expect to fully understand this new platform around 2025-12-25T05:00:00Z

So Merry Christmas to me and Cousin Eddie.


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:earth_americas: :earth_asia: :grinning: :grinning:

def divvy(n, heirs, candidates_only=False):
    print("=" * n, len(candidates), 'candidates')
    for c in itertools.combinations(candidates, heirs):
        if np.sum(c, 0).all():
            for i in c:
                print(''.join(map(str, i)))
            print('-' * n)

Markdown is fun!

Quoting seems easy enough, but I should try it on mobile before I say that. Editing is a thing, too!

[this is a test only] And what happens with this??? [this is a test only]

testing 1 2 3 …

4 5 6…

testing 1 2 3…

what does this button do?

Good Lord, this is ugly and hard to read.

I’m actually familiar with this general format - the comments at TalkingPointsMemo look like this. So in terms of getting used to this, I already am.

Gimme my old board back, 504 errors and all.

I suppose we’ll get used to it sooner or later, but there’ll be an adaptation curve. It has many fancy features, but I think a lot of us preferred the old-fashioned board.

I see that I was awarded a “badge.” It’s about time my superior posting oeuvre has earned the recognition it so richly deserves—a badge of honor!

I will, of course, remain humble in regard this great honor bestowed upon me. Sure, I may forever onward look down upon all of you non-badge earners, but, I’ll try not to make it obvious.

So, as soon as I logged in I immediately navigated to the most important new thread on these boards, the one where you post in-line pictures of your cats. Imagine my horror when I found that I could not see the pics other people posted of their cats. Using my superior cognitive skills in deductive reasoning, I quickly realized the problem: your cats are the size of sub-atomic particles, too small to actually see with the naked eye.

And, this is fine. I don’t really want to see pictures of your cats. Face facts, most of your cats look like they got hit with an ugly stick. Then I realized in-line photo posting has been turned off. This, indeed, is a problem. It’s a problem because it deprives you (mainly you riff raff non-badge earners) the sheer delight of seeing my cats. No doubt the highlight of your existence.

Like me, my cats are cute and adorable. They are the Brad Pitts of the cat world. The best I can do is post these small photos of my two cats. Here they are: :cat2: :cat2:


Well, this is a bit of a change after 21 years of a trusted, if finnicky, GUI…

Ah, I see

Twice needed on the pw setting, but I am in now. Testing my first post.

Yes, well. I cleared the hurdle of getting in, now I guess I need to adjust to the format… Right now, there’s just things and text floating in white space.