"Complete sentence" rule


Wait, didn’t you write this forum? How do you make a formatting error like that? It’s like Einstein getting his checking account balancing wrong. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s not a formatting error! I was demonstrating how you can achieve the desired effect (a single letter post) :smirk:

I hope that helps. Been a big fan of Straight Dope message boards for a very very long time, and I hope everyone is reasonably happy with the changeover. I know change brings its own challenges. But in this case you have the ear of someone who can actually change the product to make it better for everyone.

Ah, the second post was “how-to”. I withdraw my teasing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, I am aware of and generally appreciate your presence. I’m just a random freeloading fool here, so don’t expect any earthshaking insights from me.

As you’ve probably already detected, there are a lot of long-standing preferences and practices this little community that we’re having to adapt to the capabilities of the platform.

(Accidentally posted early. Will try again.)

Ok, granted he posted words in an unattributed quote box, and didn’t start with “This stupid board is giving me this error message when I try to post short replies.”

However, the thread is in the forum “Site Feedback”, not the Gameroom or Great Debates or MPSIMS, so it is sensible to assume he’s talking about the board software. Especially when he then mentions

and goes on to say

That is clearly about being able to post, so must be about the software.

No, that was a response to someone else.

You posted a snarky comment instead of a request for clarification. The tone of the responses was set by you.

Except it is not a single letter post, it requires typing other stuff. And not all of us have tusks things memorized, so that’s even more effort to look it up. When the effect could much more simply be achieved by just typing one letter.

OK, but we’ve posted several complaints about the software on the board, some citing your name. Many having to do with the nanny messages like this one. Have you listened to any of those complaints, and more importantly, have you changed anything in response to comments here?

Feel free to view my post history; I’ve listed many relevant existing site settings that could be changed, including minimum characters allowed per post, but as I am not the site owner it is not remotely in my wheelhouse to make those decisions or changes.

Something I have not been able to find yet: a way to list only watched threads with unread posts. “Unread” includes watched and tracked threads. I don’t mind the fact that there are two levels of thread importance here (in fact it’s nice in some ways), but I use watched as an equivalent to the old subscribed, and I’d like a view for only watched threads, not tracked. Sometimes I don’t have time do catch up on all threads I’ve ever had a passing interest in and just want to look at the ones I’ve posted in.

Advanced search options will get you to a list of all watched topics, at least:


I can’t include a screenshot, but

  • bring up search
  • click “options”
  • on the right hand side, select “I’m watching” under the “Only return topics/posts” section

Note that “I posted in” is also an option in that same drop-down.


Hey, since you are reading this thread…

Any chance y’all can fix the “can’t see preview if you have a touchscreen” bug? I mean, when “touchscreen” meant “no other pointing device” it was probably a good feature, but at this point it seems to be a bug, since most new laptops come with touchscreens.


Thanks; I think I did run across that earlier, but I couldn’t figure out then how to get multiple conditions. This mostly does what I want:

A few issues:

  • No grey/blue bugs indicating the number of unread messages
  • This is a more general problem, but posts by ignored posters count as unread for these purposes.
  • Would be nice to save advanced searches to the hamburger menu for quick access. Sure, I can make a browser bookmark, but it’s nice when everything goes through the same UI. Plus it would be handier on mobile.
  • Any way to hide the advanced search settings? I don’t really want to see them once I’ve set up the search.

Hmm, my Surface 7 is a touchscreen and I have no trouble seeing the preview. It sounds like you might be in mobile UI mode. Can you check the hamburger dropdown at upper right and see if it has a “desktop view” mode listed there? That would indicate you are in mobile UI mode.

I actually switched that computer to mobile UI mode recently, so I’ll have to switch it back and re-check. But I had the same problem before I put it in mobile mode, and I thought that was the explanation.

It’s an HP EliteBook running Win10.

There is also a

« hide preview

link at bottom right of the editor. Once pressed it hides the post preview, and changes to

show preview »

Has that been pressed?

When this type of thing has come up in the past, it’s usually because they are accidentally in mobile mode but I thought I would mention hide and show preview just in case.

Oh – I didn’t mean the preview of the post I an writing. Yeah, that’s a mobile thing and works fine both ways. I meant the hover-over-topic-heading and getting a pop-up preview of the beginning of the post. I love that feature, but it doesn’t work on my Win10 box, any my understanding was that that’s a touchscreen-based option.

For example, if I go to the “site Feedback” category, there is a list of topics (threads). And right now the first one is this thread. And if I hover over the words “complete sentence rule” on this computer (a mac, with no touchscreen" I see “this BS has to go. When playing hangman…”

Which is helpful, because I didn’t really know what the thread might be about just from the title. And it’s fun to browse down the list and see what threads are out there. But I can’t do that on the PC. And I thought that was because it has a touchscreen, so the system thinks it doesn’t have a mouse, or something like that.

It drove me nuts that it sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t until someone pointed out the relationship to the touch screen, because I thought I wa going nuts, or doing something wrong. I wasted a lot of time poking around with options, too. If that’s been fixed (if I take the PC out of mobile mode) I will be delighted.

Oh right. Unfortunately at the moment there is no browser-based way to tell the browser code “this is both a touch and a mouse device” :frowning:

Hover pop-up states are only for mouse-based devices. That’s why they have fallen so out of favor on the web, as everything is so mobile centric these days.

Sorry, I wish I had better news!