Can DVDs be stored flat (one on top of another)?

If so, I’ve freed up another few feet of storage space on my crowded shelves. Seems like I should be able to, but maybe I’m just conditioned by the incalculable harm I was assured would come to VHS tapes if they were allowed to be stacked flat for even a few minutes. What’s the deal with DVD storage? Does anything go?

Actually, DVDs are quite the opposite of VHS tapes and should only be stored flat. If you store them vertically, all the bits will fall to the bottom of the disc.

Okay, as long as I can still use them as coasters.

What harm is supposed to come from storing VHS tapes horizontally? My family (dad, mum and grandparents) have all had habits of storing video tapes on their sides, and I’ve never seen any harm come to the tapes from doing so…

That isn’t a problem. You just turn it upside down and shake it and all the bits even out.
In all seriousness, the only two forms of media I know that shouldn’t be stored flat are vinyl records and large reel tapes (1/2 inch or larger).

DVD’s do just fine as long as they are in a case.

I have no idea–I’ve heard various thins concerning the reels and tension. I think it’s bunk, anyhow. I’ve had a set of 20-25 tapes that have been kept in a milk crate on their sides for the last 6 or 7 years. Other than the usual degradation which occurs after multiple replays, I’ve had no problems with any of them.

But it’s widespread bunk. My tone (“incalculable harm I was assured would come to VHS tapes if they were allowed to be stacked flat for even a few minutes”) was meant to imply skepticism about VHS tapes and the storage recommendations, but now I’m interested in the bunk: Was that all total BS too?

Does this have to be one of the rigid box type cases? Or are the little flexible plastic envelopes OK?

Which raises another DVD storage point: since they come stacked, without benefit of envelopes or any packaging or shielding whatsoever, on those spindles, can you store them after using them on such a spindle? That is, stacked, horizontal and naked?
Don’t even try a double-entendre–I mean, it’s all there for you, sitting on the tee. Just let it sit a moment.