Can - Flow Motion and Saw Delight

Are these albums worth buying? I’ve recently got the remasters of all the albums up to but not including Flow Motion. Flow Motion hasnt been remastered yet but should I buy it anyway? I like the cover it looks cool.

They’re definitely not as good as older albums, and the vocals are pretty awful, but if you like Landed you might like these too. Flow Motion is heavily into reggae beats, and also has one Hawaiian-sounding thing (“Cascade Waltz”) that I keep expecting to turn into a C&H sugar commercial. The best thing on the album is “Smoke,” part of the Ethnological Forgery Series, which is five minutes of tribal-sounding noise. Saw Delight is where Holger Czukay gave up the bass, and started just contributing shortwave radio sounds. Each of these albums includes a long jam track, so you get plenty of the Can technique of setting up a complex groove and just riding and riding it so you start to notice all the sonic subtleties going on.