Can fudge be frozen?

Can fudge be frozen? If so, for how long?

If not, why not?

How about refrigeration? Will this extend the “life” of fudge?

Depends on the fudge. Denser fudge will fare better than a lighter one. I’d give it a freezer life of a few months.

In the fridge I’d give it maybe a little less than a month.

I always freeze fudge with no ill effects. However, it usually gets eaten within a month or so, I can’t speak to long-term freezer issues.

Does fudge need to be frozen? Isn’t it (like jam, or actual sugar) too sugary for anything to be able to grow on it?

Fudge won’t really “go bad” but it can dry out with age. If you have the (unlikely) option, a non-frost-free freezer is better as the frost-free operation of a regular home fridge cycles the freezer temp up and down a bit, which can accelerate drying out or freezer burn.

Of course, I’ve never had a need to really worry about storing fudge longer than a week or two. :smiley:

So the important thing is not so much to freeze it, but to wrap it up tight in cling film or something similar, right?

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I freeze my fudge. I don’t bother wrapping it tightly…it’s just in a Tupperware box. If it’s wrapped all snug and tight it makes it too difficult to steal a piece when you are down in the basement doing laundry.

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