Can heroin cause a spontaneous orgasm in males?

Hi. My cousin recently tried heroin. He said he would never do it again, but in telling me how good it was, he said that the minute he injected it he had a spontaneous orgasm. Is this possible? (He billshits a lot).
I would never use heroin, but is there some way to have the cream-your-pants-without-trying experience without the dope? GEneyboy

I’ve known oodles of heroin addicts through work (criminal defense lawyer) and have heard many glowing and loving descriptions, but I’ve never, ever heard anything close to that. “As good as” an orgasm, maybe, but actually causing one? Never heard it.

In fact, isn’t one of the side effects of opiates to neutralize your ability to, uh, climax? Or am I thinking of Ecstasy?

Opiates make you impotent and constipated. So yeah I’d doubt the claim in the OP.

Right, I can’t imagine spontaneously ejaculating with a limp one. Unless it was already erect at the time. Sounds like utter BS to me, though.

It seems that spontaneous orgasm sometimes occurs during opiate withdrawal (cite). Perhaps that is where the confusion arose.


Doesn’t heroin also make you violently ill when you first take it? I suppose that could come after an orgasm, but the one time I was given an opiate painkiller intravenously, they gave me Gravol with it to reduce the nausea. And let me tell you, the nausea came before either drug’s desired effects took hold.

Most of the junkies (and recovering junkies) I’ve known said that they would puke immediately after shooting too big a hit. The active junkies I’ve known usually looked down their noses in sneering condescencion at kids who puked from shooting dope.

I’ve smoked it, and got seriously high and felt a little nauseous, but never injected on my own. I’ve been given morphine in ERs and I loved it, but never puked from morphine.

Maybe he injected it just at that point of no return during a hummer…

Every heroin user I’ve ever known describes it as “better than an orgasm”, so it sounds like your cousin got ripped off.

Yeh, but, if you’re experiencing an orgasm, during something that’s better than an orgasm – My god, you just might swallow your own face in euphoria!

I was watching an ESPN story about a father whose 2 sons were heroin addicts. It was a sad story, in which both boys eventually died from their addiction. The father mentioned that whenever their drug dealer brought over the heroin and took it out to show them, both boys would become so excited that they would immediately defecate in their pants. So heroin can certainly cause an “ejaculation”, so to speak.

Please tell me I’m wrong about this… but this makes it sound like that dad was there when the drug dealer came by with the drugs.

I don’t think it is particularly unusual for a parent of an addict to be around when the dealer is there. I don’t have a cite, but I have heard of mothers going so far as to go out and buy heroin for a child who is using, because they can’t watch them going through the withdrawal, and will fund the use from their own pocket.

Indeed, a colleague of mine, in a roundabout way, allowed herself to be ‘duped’ by one of the drug users we work with - he was going cold turkey having not had his methadone script, and he self-harmed as a result of the agony. She gave him the money for the bus to the hospital; he went straight out to buy heroin. I think she knew he was going to do that.

And no heroin user I have ever worked with has ever, ever alluded to ejaculation, nor has it ever come up in any training I’ve had!

I don’t recall if he was actually there, or he learned this later. The story was actually about the father, who is going around the country telling teens about his family’s experiences with drug addiction. I also don’t recall how it was related to sports. I think maybe the boys were athletes.

The father was George Chuvalo, a former Canadian boxer…

“He lost three sons, Steven Louis Chuvalo, Jesse Chuvalo and Georgie Lee Chuvalo, to drug overdoses. He lost his wife to suicide after the second son died. His remaining son, Mitch, became a successful teacher and coach, now working at the University of Toronto Schools, and a daughter, Vanessa. Chuvalo currently tours giving lectures against drugs and actively participates in charity work. George currently tours high schools speaking about the devastation of drug use to teens.”

I have. A few times. Each time it was after taking about 5 times the recommended dose of ephedrine (OTC stimulant/bronchodilator available at many convenience stores) and I was trying to, uh, pinch a loaf on the toilet and a little something unexpected that was white and sticky came out the front. I didn’t have an erection and hadn’t had any erotic thoughts prior to/during this.

Oh god, why did I just share that?

Billshits? That’s a new verb on me.

What comes to mind is… “The check is in the mail.”

:rolleyes: Groan!

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Either you don’t remember posting it, or there is someone on this board who has experienced the same thing. I’m certain I’ve read this before on the dope.
Talk about an epic dump.