Can I be the only person stunned at just how badly President Joe Biden is doing?

Caucasian even. /s

Sorry. “Friends”

They are his comrades.

How’s life in the St. Petersburg farm?

I really don’t think it’s legos he is playing with.

Stupid, perhaps. Bernie Bro? Not likely.

I, for one, am stunned by how “badly” the economy is doing under Biden.

The scandal should be how often a Trump appointee head of the BLS manages to ‘revise’ jobs reports significantly upwards month after month after month and not be called to account for providing such low initial numbers.

The BLS should be as non-partisan as it gets to ensure we have the best numbers possible to guide economic decisions.

I always love the Republican cry of “You can’t trust the government! Look at what we do when we are in charge of it!”

Oh, sure, another 467,000 jobs that no one wants to do!!!

And what’s with this weather? Biden shouldn’t be letting all this snow and ice mess up my day! He needs to get on that!

And he better not let that spring thawing screw up our skiing, either!

And the summer better not get too warm or there will be hell to pay.

Lying liar lies.

Why do you think we’ve been dragging our feet on climate change? Give it a couple more decades.

Tell that to the car that’s currently stuck in a snowbank outside my work right now.

Thanks alot Biden!

Like I said, give it a couple more decades. That car will no longer trouble you by that point.

“Why a Hot New Jobs Report is Biden’s Newest Political Headache”

Oh, how I pine for the halcyon days of ITR Champion and his noble concerns. Concern trolls nowadays lack the insight and subtlety of their more hallowed forebears.