Can I be the only person stunned at just how badly President Joe Biden is doing?


The only ones who are stunned at how badly he’s doing are the ones that want to believe he’s doing badly.

Funny thing is he looks pretty good compared to the last scumbag.
Not sure what you’re seeing.

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… poisoned?

No. Anyone that chooses to mainline conservative propaganda probably shares the same delusions as you. You are what you eat and all that…

What do you think he’s doing badly? Many people think he’s a pretty good president, and it’s not evident from your OP what you think the problem is with him.

Yeah, Biden hasn’t even threatened to cut off red states’ federal disaster relief because they didn’t vote for him and so it’s “not his watch”! Can you believe that?? It’s like he believes he’s President of all Americans, or something! How dare he!

He has presided over quickly shrinking unemployment, tried to extend the eviction moratorium, managed to get a COVID relief bill passed and it looks like he’ll be successful passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill (it’s really finally infrastructure week!), he presided over the successful evacuation of over 100,000 people from Afghanistan, the stock market is at record highs (a big way that the previous doofus measured his own performance). So far, I’ve seen no evidence of self-dealing or corruption. He hasn’t put incompetent idiots in his cabinet.

Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, OP.

So, am I alone in believing that we may be watching the death throes of an American presidency?

Care to explain that post at all? So far your posts aren’t even worthy of Fox News. Too empty of content.

What the fuck is the OP on about? What’s the problem(s)?

You may well be alone in JAQing off.

And while we can understand why that is, we’d honestly prefer you didn’t do it here.

Yes, you are alone in that belief. I’m not saying he has saved the presidency, but he’s bringing intelligent leadership, diplomacy, and integrity back to the office.

All alone!!

Biden addresses issues, speaks in complete sentences, very effectively manages the affairs of the US and accepts responsibility.

Biden has returned Presidential demeanor to the office.

Tell me some areas, plural please, in which you think he’s performing poorly.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always respected Biden and want him to succeed. But IMHO, the last few weeks have been like watching a slow motion train-wreck.

That’s it? We already have a thread for that.

No, that’s not your opinion. That’s what you’ve been told to think by the grifters you choose to listen to.

Funny, you seem to type without saying anything.
What is this slow-motion train-wreck you think you are seeing?

In Denzel Washington’s 2010 movie, “Unstoppable,” he finds a way to stop a runaway train and save the day. For the good of the country, we need the body politic to emulate Denzel’s heroics starting right now. Only we need it not in the make-believe world of Hollywood but in the real world of Washington, D.C.