Can I bring a Sigg on an plane?

I have a Sigg water bottle and I really want to bring it with me on the plane, but it’s made of metal, and for all intents and purposes looked like a canister. I don’t want to lose it to security. And the TSA does not mention them on their website. I would think because they are newer… Has anyone brought one on a plane or know if they are allowed on planes? I can bring it past security empty…or I guess I could check it with my luggage.

That’s a nice bottle and all but, honestly, why risk delays and inconveniences by introducing another unknown into the equation. You, of course, are free to do as you wish but if it were me, I’d just bring an ordinary clear plastic water bottle, because I already know that won’t cause problems. Air travel is stressful enough these days; I don’t feel the need to add any more of my own making.

I believe the upper limit for liquid containers is 3 ounces. Don’t know if that means you can bring in an empty bottle.

I have brought empty camp fuel containers in my checked baggage. They had to be thoroughly washed so that you couldn’t smell any gas and I showed them at check in. They made a note on it and I never had any hassle.

If fuel containers are fine, I would think that an empty clean water bottle is fine.

OP was asking about bringing the bottle past security, which implies carry-on, not checked baggage. I agree that putting an empty bottle in your checked baggage shouldn’t be a problem. The rules are far more stringent (and seemingly capricious) when bringing stuff in through gate security for carry-ons.

Depends on what airport/the mood of the TSA screener/the weather/etc. I’ve asked numerous times and keep getting different answers

I’d say don’t risk it, just stick it in your checked luggage. I haven’t tried with metal bottles, but I’ve brought various types of >3oz bottles in carry-ons. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s confiscated. Put the good bottle in your checked bag, and for on the plane, bring an empty disposable water bottle, and just fill it at a water fountain once you’re past security.

Yeah, I agree no extra hassels! I’ll check it. :slight_smile:

The limit applies to liquids in containers, not to empty containers. Furthermore, it’s the limit for passing through the security checkpoint, not for boarding the plane.

I have on many occasions carried an empty 1-liter bottle through security and filled it with water from a water fountain or tap on the other side of the terminal, and carried the full bottle onto the plan. (I don’t buy bottled water: it’s one of the biggest ripoffs in modern society.)

As long as it’s empty, it’s fine. I’ve taken my sigg onto a number of plane flights now. I fill it up from a water fountain once I’m past security and I keep it with me on the plane. I can’t imagine flying long distance without a water bottle.

I thought it was containers as well as liquids that weren’t allowed - I’m going to try this next time. I agree bottled water is a HUGE rip-off, as well as ecologically unsound.

No, it’s the liquids themselves that are considered the risk. Containers are no problem.

You know, I saw this thread title and thought the OP had mis-spelt “Sig”, as in "Sig-Sauer handguns ", and I came in here to say “There is no way that you as Fred Bloggs (ie not some sort of Government Agent or Law Enforcement officer) can legally have a handgun in the cabin of an airliner; but you should be able to check it into the hold provided you follow the various rules and regulations pertaining to the carriage and transport of firearms”.

Of course, that point is moot since it turns out we’re talking about a brand of water bottle, so carry on… :slight_smile:

As long as it’s empty you can bring it on the plane. I’ve brought mine on a few times, and I’ve seen others with theirs. No hassle at all.

My girlfriend brought hers on our flights last week. As long as it is empty, you should be ok.

Why take water onto a plane? They have scotch!

Another confirmation of taking it empty thru security without a problem.

And if you only have the plug top, you need to get the sip top. Much easier to use.

Unfortunately, even empty isn’t always allowed. My sister had to toss away a partial tube of toothpaste. There was well under 3oz in the tube, but it was the tail end of a larger tube. Into the garbage it went.

But that’s not empty. the rules clearly state you can’t have less than 3 oz in a container that can hold more. Apparently if that amount is actually zero, it becomes okay again.

No, it doesn’t make sense. That’s because it’s the US Government we’re talking about.

As long as it’s empty, you can take it through security. You can bring it onto the plane full of anything you’ve obtained past the security checkpoint.

There’s not much point bringing an empty bottle onto a plane.

You can bring it onto the plane full of anything you’ve obtained past the security checkpoint./QUOTE]
Not strictly true… you can’t tank up at the duty free and bring a SIGG bottle or 6 full of whisky on the plane.

Water or some such is probably fine though.