Can i buy something on ebay with paypal without funds in paypal?

Many year ago when i buy stuff from ebay, i pay by paypal but always had funds in my paypal acct. If i purchase something on ebay but i dont have funds on paypal, would i still be able to buy it? I recall it has something to do with if your bank acct is connected to your paypal acct and as long as it is, then its fine?
Because im looking to buy something very soon and it would take few days for the funds to hit my paypal acct if i transfer from my bank and of course i want the seller to ship the item asap.

You don’t need the money to be in your PayPal account, no. After you buy something on eBay, you can pay directly from your bank account or from a credit card, you don’t have to move funds into your PayPal account first.

Okay so if it comes from my bank acct, the seller will receive the funds immediately correct? Thus when i go and pay seller i will click pay via paypal and they receive instantly and those funds will be deducted instantly from my bank ?

PayPal pays the seller then extracts the money from your linked bank account. Takes minutes. Completely painless.

I don’t know if this only applies to the UK, but when I make a bank-funded payment on eBay via PayPal, the seller sees it as an ‘eCheque’, which takes days to ‘clear’ (and eBay explicitly advises the seller to wait for clearance). It’s only instant if I have PayPal balance to cover, or fund it with a card.

Doesn’t work that way in the US. My Paypal account is linked to a checking account just for Ebay. The seller is paid immediately after after I click “confirm payment” but it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours for the funds to be removed from my checking account. A hold is place on the account so one cannot remove the funds before Paypal gets paid.

I assume it works like that in Australia. I never have money in my Paypal account but if I buy a downloadable item with Paypal using my linked account I can get it 10 seconds later.

Maybe something to do with UK banking procedures, or just eBay/Paypal being capricious.

I have PayPal directly debit my checking account. It usually takes a day or so for the debit to show up in my on-line banking statement. I’m in the USA.

For certain big-ticket items, EBay doesn’t pay the seller until the item is delivered. However the money is deducted from your PayPal account, but held in some sort of escrow account.

If you are linked to your bank/credit card and have never had an issue, then instant payment is usually fine.

I bought a CD latish on last night and the seller posted it this morning, which is quite normal
An item bought last Thursday night was delivered on Saturday am.
I am presuming the payment is received as soon as it is paid.

I had a on-delivery a few weeks ago and eight minutes after contacting e|bay PayPal had refunded the cost and it was visible in my account.

so i purchased an item on ebay and paid it with my bank checking account linked with paypal. I got an email that said it would take few days for it to clear. Instead of me receiving the item early next week… it says it will take between early next week to mid next week for the echeck to clear?
Im obviously not happy by this b/c i had thought it clears instantly and b/c of that, i didnt do a transfer from my bank to paypal because of this.
Does this mean i have to wait for the echeck to clear? Is there a way i can cancel it and pay them faster so they ship it faster? I had thought this is instant. Also it says in the email for the seller to not ship it until the echeck clears? I only linked it to bank acct checking but if i link it with credit card… then it would be instant? Because if so, could i cancel the echeck and waiting and link it to my bank of america credit card and pay it asap?

Does it cost money for using the credit card to pay it?

PayPal’s rules on credit card payments is complex and I don’t readily understand it.

What I do know is:

I never pay an extra fee paying for something on eBay.

I do have a small amount of money in my PayPal balance I would like to keep for certain purposes. As long as it’s non-zero PayPal wants to use that first and my bank account second. Paying with a CC is not an option. But: If I send the balance to one of my other email addresses, then a nearly invisible other payment option button appears. Selecting that gives me the choice of my CC. I then make the payment and cancel sending my balance to myself.

Do you know if its possible i have a friend send me paypal funds since that is instant and thats the only way i get paypal funds fast, then i pay the seller in paypal so they could ship the item faster.
Then i cancel the echeck? I wish i had known about this before paying immeidately b/c i had though it was instant.

My understanding is that the seller doesn’t get paid until you leave feedback, or some timeout. At least, that what a guy who I bought something from mentioned, when I picked the stuff up.

If I want to transfer funds from my bank to my PayPal account, it takes 3-5 business days.

If I buy something on eBay that’s for a greater amount than my PayPal balance, the difference is extracted from my bank account in seconds. AFAIK, the seller knows nothing more than the PayPal payment went through.

So we know that PayPal and banks have the capability to transfer funds in seconds. Why they take days in some cases, I don’t know, and you can’t say, “it’s the float,” because that’s a zero-sum game in the long run.

This should help.

You need to have you bank funds backed up with a debit or credit card for instant transfer to occur.

I have funds in my checking account if thats what you mean?

Yes, but you also need a credit card registered on your PayPal account - this way, bank-funded transactions will be instant (presumably because it gives PayPal a way of getting the money if the eCheck/eCheque bounces).

If you don’t have a credit card registered, bank funded payments (on eBay - not sure about elsewhere) will appear as eCheck/que to the seller. Some sellers will still send the item straight away out of good faith.

I’m not sure it works this way in practice. I have a bank account linked to my PayPal account, but not a credit or debit card (the debit card would connect to the same bank account anyway). On several occasions where the PayPal account balance was insufficient, the necessary funds were transferred instantly and the transaction went through immediately, no slower than if the balance had been sufficient. Although I can’t see what the seller sees, in all cases, I was thanked for my prompt payment and the goods were shipped without delay.

I find it hard to believe that all these sellers were ignorant of a possible delay in getting their funds and decided to ship anyway.