Can I fix a refrigerator seal?

This is one of those small, box-shaped refrigerators you might see in someone’s dorm room or office.

It’s a single door with a rubber seal about an inch thick that goes around the entire door, and should snugly fit against the refrigerator when the door is closed.

Now when the door closes the rubber seal does not fit so snugly.

How much of a problem will this cause? Will the temperature inside the refrigerator be compromised, or will the energy use go up to compensate but still cool properly? Or is there any chance that just because the seal seems loose that it doesn’t really matter at all?

I this something that can be easily fixed? Can it be fixed for less than the cost of a new refrigerator?

Thanks in advance for any insights y’all might have.

You can probably get a new seal from a parts supply house that sells appliance parts. And, you can proablu put it on yourself.

In it’s current condition, best case is that the unit will run longer and harder to keep at the right temp, costing significantly more in energy and shortening the life of the unit, worst case is all of that but won’t be able to maintiam temp because the leak is too great for the unit to compensate.

Check the door itself isn’t warped first – I saw someone “fix” a seal on a fridge by grabbing the door and twisting it the other way, looked like he was trying to tear the door off! I’m not recommending anything so drastic, but it did the trick in this case.

Fix a refrigerator seal? You don’t need to – they’re not fertile with penguins, and you can’t get pregnant from oral sex anyway.

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