Can I freeze this homemade icing?

I want to freeze the following homemade icing, unfreeze it later, and use it on some cake. Can I do it successfully (meaning, eat it, and enjoy the taste as if it were never frozen)?

8 oz Frozen Strawberries
1 lb powdered sugar
1/4 lb. butter
All mixed together.


Probably not. Re-freezing the Strawberries will cause them to leech water, and your icing will be overly watery.

Other than the fruit, I think it’s freezable. Butter freezes nicely, as will sugar. But those strawberries are the weak point.

Yes, I’d agree with Athena. The water content of the strawberries is where you may have trouble.

Seeing as you are using pre-frozen strawberries, it might be worth a shot. Just try to not let them defrost too much - add them last, quickly mix in, and straight back in the freezer.

I’m assuming you’re aiming to keep the strawberries whole, or at least chunky, in the final icing mix. If they’re being completely blended into a smooth icing, then this advice may not apply.

Huh - I’d have thought “no problem”, as I posted a very similar question (re swiss meringue buttercream) and got “sure, just beat it a bit when you wanna use it” as the reply. Then I saw the mention of the strawberries. As it happens, we have some strawberry swiss meringue buttercream in the freezer right now, so I should give it a try. The strawberries were pretty thoroughly pureed so hopefully that omits the wateryness problem (since the liquid would already have been released).

Thanks for the help, all!

If it comes out thin and watery because of the berries, I was gonna say just beat in some more powdered sugar to thicken it after thawing. But that might change the taste or texture from the original idea. Worth a try, though.