Can I get last year's submitted tax forms online?

Like the subject line- Is there a way to access/download a copy of the tax forms I submitted last year, somewhere online? I looked through with no real luck.

I’m not looking for “blank” forms, I found those in spades. I’m wondering if I can get a copy of the form I submitted last year.


No you cannot. You can print off a form and request a copy for no charge. It will just be a line by line summary. If you want a full photocopy, you will have to pay $23 for it.

You want Form 4506.

I just mailed mine off today as I can’t find last year’s return.

That’s what I wanted to know, thanks.

The Form 4506 is what you submit with the $23 to get the photocopy?


If you need the photocopy, then you have to send in $23 with the form.

But I’m just opting for the summary, figuring that it just lists what was on each line and those things are pretty much the same each year.

I don’t think the IRS has developed a system secure enough where you could pull down your tax return online. I certainly wouldn’t want some hacker in his mom’s basement looking at that info.