Can I get my old "charging" icon back on my iPhone?

I used to have an iPhone 4 (I think), and I liked the charging icon. If it was plugged in, and I pushed the Big Button, there would be a big icon of a battery, showing either red (if under 20% charge), or green (if more than 20%), and the green moved along the higher the charge.

Now I’ve got an iPhone 5 and when I push the Big Button to see the charge status, there’s no big battery icon. I have to squint at the regular little icon in the upper right corner.

It’s irritating, especially if I’m trying to check the charge status when I’m driving. I don’t want to have to focus on the little icon; I want my big batter icon back, dagnabbit!

I’ve poked around in the “System” section but haven’t found anything.

Any way to get it back?

Try not pushing the Big Button, press the top button.

No difference - still just get the teeny charging icon in the upper right corner.

The only solutions I’ve seen online involve jail breaking your phone, which seems like an extreme solution for a minor annoyance.

If you enable battery percentage in settings, any time your phone is on you can see how much of a charge there is, from the lock screen, home screen, and many apps.

Often waking the phone when it’s plugged in also shows a percentage on the lock screen under the date or time. It’s intermittent though and I can’t get it to consistently happen.

I miss the old battery screen too but Apple has done away with it.

There are a number of replacement battery indicator apps available for Android. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one for iOS.

Not for the lock screen itself. The closest is one that shows up in the Notification Center, called “Battery Percent”. It does show up very large, and you can get to that screen at any time by swiping down from the top of the screen (even with the phone locked) so maybe that will work for the OP. And the app is free.

Ah, I didn’t realize we were talking about the lock screen ('cause I don’t use one). Although searching the Google Play store suggests there are apps for that too.

It’ll show larger and almost center screen if you pull the plug and then plug it back into the iPhone. Otherwise you’re only going to see the smaller indicator on the top/right.

Yes, except I want to be able to check it when I’m driving, just by pushing one button, like I used to.

That’s what’s so irritating: they’ve kept the big battery icon for when you first plug in. It’s still there in the system. You just can’t use it effectively the way you used to be able to.