iphone - why does the status bar not show notifications like new emails or messages?

In this screenshot of someone’s iphone…

…there’s a picture of an envelope. It reminds me that I’ve never seen this on my iphone. I get new emails all the time and new messsages sometimes. Why do I never get an email icon? Is it something that only a third party app does? Or is it something I can switch on in settings?

It’s no biggie. I’m just curious.

it’s probably jailbroken, and they installed an app or utility to do that.

notifications are one area where iOS just plain sucks.

Yeah, when I had my iphone, it was jailbroken and I used a program called StatusNotifier to do that, although I think there were others.

My mail icon and phone icon and text icon always have a little red circle on top of them with the number of messages waiting. Yours doesn’t do that? The app store does, too when there are updates waiting. Why would I want redundancy across the status bar? Mine also does not have a silence symbol. Easy enough to know that by the switch on the side.

It would only be a problem for me if I was using an app for a significant length of time, which I rarely do. The notifications on the home screen are just fine for me.

Out of interest, the few screenshots I’ve seen of the new Windows Mobile 7 models seem to suggest they do it the same way (that is, badges on the home screen). Anyone know if they have status bar notifiers?

suppose I’m not on the home screen? suppose I’m doing something and a modal pop-up would be an annoyance? I prefer the way Android does it; pop an icon in the status bar, and all I have to do is drag down the status bar to see what the notifications are. I mean, it’s a status bar, why not use it as such?

Because, I have at least 5 Apps that I’m interested in receiving notifications from. That’s just what I DON’T need - 5 more tiny inscrutable icons cluttering my status bar. :smack:

On the main screen, there’s a row of button at the bottom: phone, email, messages, safari, etc. Afaik, the iPhone can only update the red number on those.

Not true.
Any icon can get a badge.

The iPhone’s internal settings can only affect those. Other notifications come from 3rd party apps.

What does this mean? An App is an App.

I wasn’t asking for justification. Just wondering why the person who took the screenshot had the notifications and I don’t.

But a good use of having the icons up there would be when your phone is locked. You could see if you have mail without sliding your finger then turning off the phone. You could just take your phone out of your pocket, press the button, look, put the phone back in your pocket.

like I said: it’s no biggie. I kind of liked having little pictures up there on my previous phone (android) I prefer that to the numbers in red circles on the app icons.

I think in general the UI is more pleasing on the iPhone, but this is something that I much prefer on my Android phone over my wife’s work iPhone. I don’t have to unlock the phone to know that I have new email, a missed call, a voice mail, a text message, etc. Android makes much better use of the status bar to convey information.

To answer the OP, the one in the screen shot is jailbroken. The status bar is largely inaccessible to application developers (we can set the ActvitiyIndictor spinning, but that’s it)

On my iPhone, if I receive a call, voicemail, or text message while the screen is locked, I get an alert indicating this showing on the (locked) screen. I don’t see anything in settings that allows me to change that, although I suppose it could be carrier-dependent.

When I used the iphone, I never kept mail, phone and sms on the home screen. Since it’s possible to move them, it’s also possible to miss the badge. The silent mode can be a problem if you accidentally flip the switch. Unless you get in the habit of checking it every few minutes, it could be on silent all day without you knowing.