Stupid Noob Question, iPhone edition: Can I be alerted via Flashing Light?

Is there an app for that? :wink:

I have searched via Google, but no joy so far: when my just-turned-in BlackBerry got a new email or text, the LED on the top edge flashed. Near as I can tell, my brand-new iPhone has no such LED.

Anyone have any solutions? I want to be able to pull my iPhone out and look at it and, without having to waste keystrokes signing in, see if I have gotten any new emails or texts (which would then motivate me to sign in…)

When I am awaiting a reply, I appreciated being able to just glance at the BB and see if it had arrived yet vs. logging in each time only to learn that there was nothing new…

Bonus round question: anyone use “Tapatalk” on their iPhone? My new phone points it out to me when I access the SDMB…

I use Tapatalk, and enjoy it, but the most recent update crashes quite a bit. They’ll fix it with the next update, and then break it again with the one following, if previous patterns repeat themselves.

What does it help you do that you can do simply by browsing via Safari? I read up on the app in the App Store, but it basically says “makes your message boarding a snap!” Well, it kinda already is a snap - how does Tapatalk make it…snappier?

I like tapatalk. I have the free version, as I don’t post much as it is, so I can’t see a reason that I need to pay to post from my phone. I like it because it makes the text a lot easier to read, and it’s easier to go through threads, I sometimes will misstype with my finger and hit the wrong link, so I end up reading about a thread about polyps, when I wanted to read one about good lunch ideas.

I haven’t had this version crash that much. But, for sure the version two versions ago was awful. It would crash hard, and I would have to restart the entire phone to get it working properly again.

I think you are out of luck with the blinking light. That light is a definite benefit BB has over the competition. Hopefully, in a future iOS version they will improve the notification system so that emails are included in what you are informed about your phone without logging in. But, I don’t tihnk you will have anything as convenient as that flashing light.

Again - thanks.

I am still not clear what Tapatalk does “better” vs. just using Safari - what does it do differently such that you avoid tapping the incorrect button? Sorry for being persistent in my ignorance…

That’s…that’s…inconceivable! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I don’t get a flashy light?!

I use Tapatalk on my iPod Touch. I don’t know if I have free or paid.

It’s just easier to browse without having to zoom in and hit the right buttons and stuff. It’s basically a “mobile version” of this site. Most “mobile versions” are way easier to navigate than simply accessing the default design via Safari.

For some reason the current version is the first version (since last September) that has given me problems. THIS is the version that crashes and needs a hard reset for me.

It’s still worth it to use Tapatalk instead of Safari.

Ah, got it - okay. Thanks again all.

…but no flashy light? Really?!

I don’t know if this is flashy enough for you, but your email will beep and boop when you get a new one if you have selected Push Notification in your settings. Or am I not understanding you correctly?

It makes the text somewhat easier to read. However (unless there’s a fix I’m unaware of), it does not identify the author of quoted text, which is enough of a deal-breaker that I almost never use it despite paying $2.99 for it.

My point is that I don’t want a sound-based notification; I want a visual one.

For instance: my family is away, I am blasting on electric guitar. My wife may call to check in on something and I get in trouble if I don’t reply. With my BB, I just left it right by my amp; if she texts me, I notice the flashing light (when I unscrew my eyes from making guitar-orgasm face that is ;)) and pick it up and reply to her.

The screen does change, but yes you’d have to be looking at it, with non-orgasmic face.

But that implies that the iPhone remains on and doesn’t time out, correct? After a few minutes, the BB would time out and the password screen would come up - but I could still see the flashy light when new emails and texts arrived, even if I hadn’t re-entered my password…

The iPhone will vibrate intermittently when you have a VM or SMS that’s sitting there unread. It may do the same thing for other services that use notifications. Put another way, if you get a call or a text that you miss and they leave a message that you don’t check, every 5 or 10 minutes it’ll vibrate once. This is helpful if it’s in your pocket, but is pretty much useless if it’s across the room.

The lack of a visual message notification is just one of many ways that Apple stupidly chooses design over function and was the key point of frustration when I swtiched from BB to and iPhone. I’ve since ditched the iPhone for a HTC MyTouch Slide that does have a LED light that flashes like the the BB. It’s nice, however it’s located in the earpiece and isn’t really visible from the edge like the BB one is. The fact that no one has copied this killer feature from BB is an enduring mustery to me.

I appreciate the sharing of experience, but ultimately my agree with your last thoughts:

No Flashy Light = BAD

Dammit. I want my flashy light. That is all.