Can I get you ladies anything, I'm just popping down to IKEA ...... ?

Yup! Pretty much the one on the top left here, only it’s a corner set-up. Very sturdy stuff. Oh, get a powered screw driver. I still have the blisters…

IKEA Commercial: (mpeg video)

I want two hot dogs with mustard, a bookshelf, and a new rug, please. Maybe some more candleholders, too. Oh, and some random foreign food from the food shop. No fish, just chocolate and cloudberries. Thanks.

I still haven’t ttc’d to Ikea, Sunspace, in spite of its new availability. I will this summer, sometime.

Lissla Lissar, the entrance to the North York Ikea is midway between Bessarion and Leslie stations. Get out at Bessarion and walk downhill. The Ikea sign is frustratingly visible from the Leslie station’s bus loop, but you have to go out the main entrance instead, turn left, go under the railway bridge and then slog uphill.

That area is totally under redevelopment. When I was there in November, Sheppard Ave was clogged with an incredible stream of cars that were trying to turn across traffic into the narrow, congested, and rather hazardous entrance road. It was intimidating for the pedestrian. It’s probably different now.

Or get a friend to set it up for you which is what I did :smiley:

Stop looking at me like that, he said he LIKED putting up wardrobes and he wouldn’t lie, would he now?

Oh, my Pax Birkelund…how I love thee

I’m having flashbacks to Fight Club. Are you people all nuts? ;)Maybe I’ve missed the boat on the whole “your furniture needs to have a name” fad. Or maybe I just need a girlfriend to set me straight. My apartment is currently decorated in “early bachelor”. Nothing matches and it was all pretty cheap and/or hand-me-downs.

Ah, but I could ask my wife to get stuff off the top shelf for me.

I have to do this in the kitchen already. It’s so humiliating.

I live but a short bus ride from the World’s biggest IKEA (Stockholm Kungens Kurva) according to their own facts and figures

You may all touch me now.

Returning from MDF heaven … I made it around one and a half floors this time before flaking (a new record!). Wow, do they have a lot of … stuff.

I looked at much of your list. Thought the Billy range good value and I can understand the attration. Very practical, as Matron would say. Pretty good choices, IMHO !

Yep, that all cheered her up no end – especially the 562 miles!

The PAX range was displayed front and center. Looked good and ‘clean’ to me; Practical, smart, good lines and ideal for yer bachelor-about-town. Obviously depends a little on the décor but if you’re in the ‘pastels-are-us’ phase, it’s ideal. Very good choice, IMHO with or without yer frosted glass.

– btw, the hot dawg was just like the furniture; simple, unprovocative, fairly bland. Don’t know how they managed that.

For anyone interested, these fit snugly into a recess and I’m torn between doors and not doors …

I’m looking at a bed thing for P the E. He had a total and utter meltdown when I cruelly refused to buy the bunk bed set up. He’d break his neck inside a week the way he flings himself around.

I have this fantasy that if I buy him a bed with storage he’ll put things in it. I may well be kidding myself though.

We’re getting a major new IKEA store in the next year. Apparently the bigarse one which is quite sufficient to deal to my sense of direction is not big enough.

Pastels are us?? Man, my PAX is made of clean cut light coloured wood, and has frosted doors with aluminium sidings! Aluminium! That’s as far removed from “pastels-are-us” as one can be. :slight_smile:

Oh, no thanks. I was just there yesterday, you see.

GingerOfTheNorth tells me there’s an Ikea product named after me. It’s a big bag with wheels, so I can see why they thought of me. Do you suppose you could pick one up? Thanks, hon.

Here’s Kyla on wheels!

And here’s cool Kyla!


Dude, they’re Swedish :smiley:

:runs very fast, swedes are very fit:

amanset, I worked at the Scandic across the road for like a year and a half, used to eat lunch every day up-top, bliss…

My one and only Ikea experience involved cardboard boxes. I was moving from Gateshead to Oxford, and had to crate up my appallingly vast collection of books … so, I was told, Ikea do these large cardboard boxes affordably, so off I went.

There I was in this sort of hangar full of furniture in Gateshead, wandering along this long and winding path between bookshelves and wardrobes and what-have-you … eventually, I found these gigantic cardboard things that you could fold up to make boxes. They had a name, like everything in Ikea, but I forget what it was.

The fun came when I got them out into the car park. There was a wind that day blasting straight from the North Sea, and these vast cardboard things added up to a substantial surface area … they were writhing in my grasp like live things, and I was tacking against the wind like an East Indiaman in heavy seas. I’m sure any Ikea shoppers or staff who saw me must have creased themselves laughing. Heartless swine.

Perfectly good huge cardboard boxes, though.

Now that London Calling has completed his Ikea adventure
I’ll offer to fill orders for ameri-dopers suffering from a shortage of Swedish MDF based funiture emporiums. :smiley:

(who drives past her local Ikea on the way to and from work everyday… aren’t you all jealous :))

From now on you have to be very careful. There’s a contract on you. :wink:

Pandora, may I suggest you stay away from the huge cardboard boxes.

Years ago, I visited the Pittsburgh IKEA with my college roommate. We each bought a wooden magazine rack (I can’t find said item on the site - they probably have eliminated it). The kit consisted of one solid oval, one larger oval with an opening (through which to put the magazines), and a large number of sticks. The sticks were meant to connect the two ovals vertically.

Now, neither of us is stupid. At the time, I had finished my MBA, and she was doing her medical residency. Yet it took each of us two hours or more to get ALL of the sticks into the all the right holes. Assembling file cabinets and desks takes less time.

I do have one question for the nice folks at IKEA, though: Phoenix is the sixth-largest city in the U.S. When are we going to get a store?!