Can I get you ladies anything, I'm just popping down to IKEA ...... ?

Could someone get me an “Ivar” shelving unit?

**Primaflora **– You should divorce him ! :wink:

Coldie – No, not the wardrobe. Pastel-coloured walls, it’s yer decor, luv ! … you loon … bloody, clueless bachelors, I dunno ….

** Steve Wright** – I’ve heard you need a good-sized box for full satisfaction. Some thought it was just the way you walked but ….

Kyla and Ivar – That’s odd. I look forward to a new Ikea range called ‘I dig bad boys’, ‘Jack Dean Tyler’ or ‘Fuck Donny’ or similar …. I suppose the JDT range would be a cut above the rest ….

Patience, Grasshopper. Remember, there’s only so much blue paint in the entire world.

Twisty, jjimm, why don’t you ask L_C to pick you up a stool or a wee step ladder?


:mad: Oh, the humiliation.

It’s not easy being an oompa-loompa.


Minor update for Lissla Lissar: seems there’s a shuttle bus from the Leslie subway station to the North York IKEA. :slight_smile: