Can I have an old username?

The guy who registered as Aslan only posted once, the day after he registered and that was almost a year ago.

I’m wondering if I can get my name changed to Aslan, because the guy who has that name is inactive.

Very doubtful. To do that would possibly involve deleting Aslan’s name – and they don’t do that here.

Ice Wolf is correct. Two wenches took the names Katie Scarlett and Scarlett and then left after only a few posts. So here I am.

Sure you can get an old username! All you have to do is stick around for a few years, and presto! Your username is old!

We don’t recycle user names. Sorry.

your humble TubaDiva

Hey, Tuba, don’t be so fast! I mean, if the price was right…? We could buy a new server, take all the Mods to a Conference in the Bahamas…

Yeah, when I came here I wanted the name “a²+b²=c²”, but someone registered it, and a search turns up no posts whatsoever. Guy probably didn’t even answer the confirmation email.

Why have an old username when there are so many nice, shiny new ones available?

Why not register “c²=a²+b²” instead? Mathematically, it’s identical, but it’s still a unique username. :smiley:

Can you even do exponents in a name?

Perhaps… Atomic Aslan Racing?

Aslan, now powered by atomic energy, because God’s love just isn’t as efficient!

Q.E.D, I think so, because someone registered a²+b²=c². Also, there’s a poster named “Deep Fried” with all sorts of special characters, so I see no reason you can’t do exponents.

c²=a²+b². I’m going to be kicking myself all day for not thinking of that.

There’s an easy answer to that, The Man With The Golden Gun - just ask for a name change. Send e-mails to Dex, Tuba, Lynn and Arnold asking for the change.

Aslan2, have you tried any other combinations? Say, Aslan of Narnia? Aslan Returns?

I don’t know what to choose. I think I’ll start a poll in IMHO, because I cannot think of anything. I’ll add your suggestions for possibilities.

All you have to do is email Aslan and ask him to send an email to the mods/admins requesting a name change for him - say I’m no longer Aslan. Then you request a name change to Aslan, since that name is no longer taken. :wink:

(I have no idea if this would be acceptable, but can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t be.)

If you’re going for a new name, why not start fresh. Say, WalterMondale2 of Narnia Returns :stuck_out_tongue: