Can I make my XP computer display Chinese Simplified text without my install disc?

I have a legit version of Windows XP Home edition; it came with my Gateway computer.

I now live in China and need to make the computer display Chinese Simplified, but when I am supposed to do it, it asks me to insert my XP disc(which is in America).

Any way to get around this? only has a pack for Office XP or something. I need a pack for Windows XP itself.

Every laptop that I’ve had came with copies of the CAB installation files in the hard disk and when prompted to inser the CD all you had to do was direct the search to the folder where the CABs were. Are you sure they are not there?

BTW, what exactly do you need? There are several and different things which are done separately. If your XP installation is in English then it is in English and you would have to have a new installation in Chinese (which cannot be done with your disk) to get it to display everything in Chinese. Other than that it is only file names which I can think of and you can just name them with Latin characters. If you want Chinese Fonts in Word or other programs that is an issue with each program. If you want Internet Explorer to display Chinese then you can download that from MS. If you want to use the keyboard to enter Chinese then that’s a separate isseu also. many different things, not just one.

Go to control panel.
click on Date, time, language, and regional options.
Click on Add other languages.
Click on the advanced panel.
Click on the Chinese version you want (simplified or traditional)

That should do the trick. At least I was able to do it with Chinese and Japanese without the original disks.

BTW, What you get is an input interface not a Chinese language operating system.