Can I post about an acquaintance being a Playboy finalist on their site?

I have a friend who’s currently a finalist for Playboy’s “Girls of Wal-Mart” pictorial, and, while it TRULY is Mindless and Senseless Stuff I Must Share, I thought that I’d check with the powers-that-be. I mean, it’s a nationally known magazine, but I also know of the board’s policy against linking to “adult-oriented” material.

I mean, her pictures are available on their website, after you register and pay a fee. Even if I didn’t MENTION the web address, it’s pretty easy to figure out.

However, this was kind of a shock to me when I found out. And I wanted to see if anyone else out there who posts on this board has had a similar experience.

What say you, all-wise council?

Might be an idea to also email the admins about your question, Superdude, they being the “powers that be”.

I don’t think we’re gonna care if you mention this. What we don’t want, is direct links to nudity. You can either talk about it without providing a link. And since at appears would-be viewers gotta get out their credit card and pony up, that’s not even possible. So, sure. Tell us all about this Wal-Mart vixen; just please omit the pics.

I once had something going with the cousin of Miss March 1998, Marliece Andrada, also of Baywatch fame.

Sorry, I just feel I need to mention that whenever I can. Carry on.

I went to school with Miss Andrada’s brother. He talked about her alot.

In Napa?

The cousin was going to audition to be a 49ers cheerleader, but she had a theater performance the same day.

My brother’s friend Edwin (whom I also know) heard that an old high school classmate of his was featured in Playboy… she was 19 at the time. His reaction? “Oh my God… she’s OUR age! That’s a bit off-putting!”


No, in San Joaquin County. I don’t think Marliece lived here while I went to school with her brother. I just know he used to bring pictures of her photo shoots and would share info about her new projects.

So you’re saying that this guy carried nude pictures of his sister around with him? Am I the only one who finds that more than slightly creepy?

She did more than Play as Troy Mclure said…She was also on Baywatch which were the pics he shared.

I took an acting class in college with Mandy Moore’s brother… that’s the closest connection I have to a cute celebrity babe.