Can I sell my window?

Sometime in the next year I am going to be having a sliding glass door installed where there is currently a window. The window I have is fairly new (3 years maybe?) and in excellent condition. It’s 60"x40" so it’s not exactly small. I think it’s a Norandex brand window.

There is nowhere else in my house where a window this size will fit. Other than the picture window, all of the others are much smaller. So I can’t use it as a replacement.

Is there anywhere where I can sell this window? My cousin will be doing the work, and he’s in business for himself so I can’t sell it to him because he doesn’t have a place to store it.

I checked craigslist and no one seems to be selling any windows. Where else could I go? Surely people who re-model their homes and replace decent, new windows. Where do they go?

CraigsList will sell anything that people offer & somebody else wants to buy. So you could certainly try it there.

Here in Minneapolis, we have a place called ‘The Re-Use Store’ which sells a lot of construction stuff, both used but working stuff removed from houses (like your window), or small lots that builders have left over from a project. They buy stuff like this, and then offer it for sale in the store.
You might check around in your area – I think most major metro areas have something like this.

You could try the classifieds in your local paper. The problem with selling a single window like that is when people are building things with windows in them, they usually want all the windows to match, and also usually have a specific size in mind when drawing up blueprints and whatnot. You probably aren’t going to get much money for it, and it might not be worth the hassle.

Yes, you can donate to this kind of re-sale place and the proceeds of the sale go to Good Things, if they happened to be benefitting a community service agency. You would get a tax letter for the estimated value.

No you wouldn’t. You would get a letter acknowledging your donation of a window. The burden of establishing the value for tax purposes is squarely on the the person who made the donation.

So uh…how much is a 40"x60" 3-year-old Norandex window worth?

First of all, do you itemize deductions? If you don’t, then a tax deduction for donating the window doesn’t do you any good.

What does a new one cost? Offhand, I’d say deduct no more than half of the price of a new one. Look at this link..

Generally, valuation doesn’t become a pressing issue unless you’re trying to deduct more than $5,000. If you’re trying to deduct more than $500, but less than $4,999, you need to state how you arrived at the value (comparable sales, etc). If you’re deducting less than $500, you can simply say something like “thrift shop value.”

Keep in mind that a $500 deduction if you’re in a 28% bracket saves you around $140 in taxes. If you can sell it for more than $140, you’re better off doing so.

I am not your tax advisor. Seek professional guidance regarding deductions, etc.

Pardon me. You would get a tax letter from the organization and could attach a value to the item.