Can I take your order? (McDonald's breakfast)

Same basic deal as before:

You’re at McDonalds. Maybe you came here on your own, maybe you were brought. Either way, you’re here. It’s before 1030am so they’re only serving breakfast.

What are you having?

An Egg McMuffin and orange juice. It could do with better cheese, but it’s not bad, and the healthiest fast food breakfast option out there.

The vast majority of the rare occasions I ever get breakfast at McD’s it’s a Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel meal with OJ. It’s far and away the unhealthiest breakfast sandwich they have, but damn is it good. And I could eat their hash browns all day long.

This. Plus a Cinnimon melt. Love thoes things!!!

It seems that the McD’s here are gradually stopping the sale of the bagel sandwiches. This saddens me greatly. Luckily, there are lots of tasty options. I just wish they could make the Eggamuffin cheaper than it is…


On the occasions when I am forced to get out of bed early on weekends to run errands the payment is an Egg Mcmuffin and a diet coke. Luckily my husband also believes that weekend days should start at noon so this is fairly rare.

You might try asking for a swiss cheese substitution. I am able to get that on the burgers; I dislike their version of American cheese.

Okay, but I still didn’t get all the stuff I ordered from you yesterday!

IMO, the Egg McMuffin is the Egg McMuffin of breakfasts. :slight_smile:

Sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin meal with an extra hash brown and a medium OJ to drink, please.

And on a whim, sometimes a McGriddle…WITHOUT eggs, sausage only. Anyone that gets McGriddles with eggs should be taken out to the dumpster and shot…then thrown into the quarry.

Well it depends. If I came with friends, I’d probably be good and get the fruit and yogurt. Maybe a fruit and maple oatmeal with the maple on the side and I’d pick out the fruit without enough fiber.
That’s pretty rare though. I don’t actually have any friends that would take me to McDonald’s.
So if it’s me alone and I don’t have to worry about the stares of people I know judging me, I’m pretty sure I’d start with the big breakfast. Hotcakes added, of course. Then I’d get a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle and ask for a double of the McGriddle portion because that syrupy texture is just magical. The McEgg I could do without because I’m trying to limit my protein intake. Doctor’s orders. If money’s no object, I’ll add in a hash brown or two.
Now sometimes I’ll top it off with the cinnamon melt because I don’t really feel a meal is complete without a tiny bit of sweetness that adds a je ne sais quoi to the experience. But sometimes I’ll just ask for a McFlurry. Now, first they’ll tell you the machine is broken. But don’t you believe them. Then they’ll tell you they don’t serve that for breakfast but I’ve found that if you ask for the manager and berate him during the morning rush, he’ll give in to your wishes PDQ.

Anyway, I wash the whole thing down with some OJ. I’ve tried the coffee. Even the so called “premium roast.” But I can’t stomach it. Call me a snob if you must, but I’m fairly particular about what I put in my mouth.

I’m interested to hear other responses.

At 10:30am it doesn’t matter what I want, I only get what they have left, as they are already preparing the grill for lunch. —> Off to White Castle

It’s been an unreasonably early time to stop serving breakfast for years, yet they never seem to learn.

I love the Bacon Egg & Cheese bagel in a completely unnatural way. I have to get one at least once a month. But I really should get an Egg McMuffin. It’s actually not unhealthy.

I dont’ know what they put on the bagel things, though. Crack sauce, I believe.

OTOH, if I get up at 4AM, fix breakfast at 5, get to work at 6, by 9AM, I’m ready for lunch, and they don’t serve it yet.

I’m the only person who has voted for the oatmeal?!? It’s awesome! Actually, it’s pretty much the only food I ever eat at McDonald’s, unless the Asian salad (minus chicken) is available.

The hash browns are the best. As a main course, I’ll have hotcakes (with sausage) or a Sausage McMuffin (without egg).

I rather liked the breakfast Chicken Twisty Pasta soup that I had in China, though.

I think their sausage breakfast burrito might be my favorite burrito in existence. I like the idea of the egg mcmuffin… but I find their version too “wet” I like the ones I make at home more.

Sausage biscuits and Sausage McMuffins with Egg are just heaven to me. Heaven. Here in MA they were running a big burrito with some spicy sauce and potatoes and everything a few years back, it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten, breakfast-wise, but it was discontinued. Very sad.

I’ve also always liked their coffee.

When I was in construction we would meet up at McD’s or Krystal every morning. If I ate anything at McD’s it was the bacon McGriddle with coffee. Back then it was just coffee, not “coffee drinks”. Krystal was much better though.

I would’ve picked McSkillet Burrito but the bastards discontinued it. Fuckers.