Can I transport my troops by ship?

. . . in Medieval Total War, that is. I haven’t played the thing very many times, but I did scan the manual.

I lined the coast from England down around Spain with my ships. I can move Assassins and Emmisary’s around very nicely, but I can’t seem to move troops by sea.

Is there a trick? A prerequisite? Or did armies not move long distances by sea back then?

You need a chain of ships between where you start (which needs a dock) and where you want to go.
You also need a chain of ships between your ports and foreign ports to create trade routes.

Okay, thanks, Tuco. Funny thing, I thought I had an unbroken chain of ships - I was able to move emissarys and assassins all around the Iberian peninsula.

Is there a certain type of ship I must have - that is, if I have a mix of caravels and galleons, could that limit me, as opposed to a chain composed only of galleons?
I’m sure there must be a capacity limit limit of the ships for carrying troops - any idea how I can deteremine how many troops I can transport in one turn?

Any additional clues would be greatly appreciated - the fate of my empire hangs in the balance!

I just started playing this last week and I haven’t actually won a game yet, so take this for what it’s worth.

But I think that in addition to having an unbroken chain of ships between your target provinces, you also need a port in the province they are leaving from and there can’t be any enemy ships in any of the sea zones your must pass though. Hold down the “V” key and it will show you what sea zones you control. Green zones are yours, red are the enemy’s and yellow zones are in dispute. I think you can only move troops through an all green route, spies and assassins don’t seem to have this restriction.

Incidentally, wherever you do drop your troops off at, they won’t be able to board the ships again untill you get to a province that has a dock or build your own. I got an army stuck in Ireland for about a decade or two doing this.

No limit, as far as I know, to how many troops you can move.

Beerdog has filled in the part I missed - there must be no enemy ships in the zone along your chain. Ship type isn’t important/relavent.

I have a feeling the spies/emmissaries can only move between ports and don’t need a chain of ships at all.

I think that covers it - you need:

a) a port to leave from (unless you play as the Vikings in the expansion pack)

b) ships along the route you want to take

c) no enemy ships along the route

Thanks all, I incorporated your advice and managed to move troops from Wessex to the Papal States. Once there, of course, I was trapped until I had docks built, but that’s a small matter when one is bent on world conquest.

Now all I need is some sleep. . . the damned game is addicting ("just one more year, then I’ll go to bed . . . ")