Can I use a Nokia E70-1 in the United States?

A friend of mine from Australia wants to sell me his Nokia E70 phone. However, it’s an E70-1, which is the “European” model. I’m not sure if I can use it with my provider in southern Nevada or not. According to the Wikipedia article I’ve linked to:

“There are two models of this phone, the E70-1 for the world market with tri-band (900, 1800, 1900MHz) GSM and UMTS, and the E70-2 for the Americas with tri-band (850, 1800, 1900MHz) GSM and EDGE packet data capability.”

My provider is T-Mobile, and I also have a subscription to their GPRS data service. Does anybody know what frequency T-Mobile uses, and if I’d still be able to use my data service with this phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

According to the Wikipedia entry for T-Mobile here :

The overall T-Mobile network exclusively uses the GSM 1900 MHz frequency to build out its native network. Most roaming coverage, however, is provided by affiliate carriers using GSM 850 MHz band (although some is provided using the GSM 1900 MHz band).

So it seems to me (and I am not an expert here) that you would generally be able to use your phone on the 1900MHz band, but you may not be able to roam.