Advice the no contract mobile phone for the USA (east)

I have some long-term business with the United states - it is essentially New York and Washington - and it may be useful for me to have a domestic american mobile number with the data allowance for the smart-phone.

I would like to ask for the suggestions for the no-contract mobile phone services with the data - this is for the repeated professional visits over a two or three year period of the short durations of one to three weeks. Of course for the providers who have the EU phones compatability as I have the dual SIM phone.

(it is useful I add if the service can roam back to the France or the UK for if there is some follow-up calling, but it is not a requirement)

(please if I can ask that the focus be on this mobile question and not other suggestions for alternatives)

T-Mobile doesn’t require contracts, provide subsidized phones or impose early termination fees, plus it’s GSM technology so your European phone will accept the T-Mobile SIM card. T-Mobile and AT&T basically share a network, as AT&T had to divest a lot of areas during some reshuffling a while ago and the upshot was that both companies basically allow roaming on each other’s networks, although there can be restrictions on data while roaming. If you’re not going to be out in the boonies, though, it’s not likely to matter.