can insomnia be due to emotional disturbances

i used to live in a town i didn’t like because i had alot of bad memories there. I moved away into this town around january.

Before i moved i fell asleep at around 5-6 am everyday. when i moved starting about february i started sleeping at relatively normal times like 1am-9am, etc and have maintained a relatively normal sleep schedule ever since i moved here

are the 2 likely to be related?

Sure. Heck, one of the MAIN causes is emotional disturbances.

In my experience, yes. I was living in a hostile environment for a while, and couldn’t sleep for at least a year, hence the user name I have. A few months ago I actually started sleeping at a decent time. My bedtimes used to be around 4am, and now they are more like midnight. I am convinced that it was my location. I am less stressed, and sleep is a nightly occurance, not just something I HAVE to do.

I’d say yes, it can be a major part of the problem. I know that my sleeping goes really out of whack when I’m stressed or worried or just living in an environment where it’s not good.

Of course I suspect I have some other sleeping problems tossed in there but that sort of thing has always been a major factor for how late I stay up/sleep.

Stress related insomnia is one of the more common forms.

The other form is what I have.
It’s the stress that occurs when you have no stress. You feel totally passed by by the stress. Really. True disease. It just doesn’t have a name yet.

(here’s where someone interjects with “stupid”)

Certainly. I often have a sort of insomnia where I awaken at 2 to 5 am, sobbing, and have to be away from bed, even though I’m exhausted.

boredom? not feeling alive?

i know stress and pain are signs of life, and signs that something of value is on the line. maybe thats whats bothering you, that nothing important is ever on the line.

I go between not sleeping to not able to wake up. Sometimes I sleep a couple hours a day if I’m lucky to 10-12 hours just won’t do it. I’m older now and I wake after each sleep cycle (usually I do that is) right after my dream. If I get a “normal” nights sleep then I have 4 dreams a night.
Last night BTW one was COOL! You see I had these “Magic Time Travelling Chalks of the Knights of Templar” they were as big around as my thumb! I have very big fingers so figure 3/4" or better around. I could go anywhere and anywhen.
The other was reliving the finding of my daughter’s body. I wept and sobbed loudly in my sleep and woke doing the same and couldn’t stop. The saddest way to wake, I’m sure ** Napier ** would agree.

I do that last one 0dream type) a lot. I hope you continue to like your new place.

did it start right when you moved?

My story is this and i’m telling it as a form of catharsis just as much to discuss the issue on the board. after all internet boards are relatively anonymous. i used to have a mental illness. got treated for it at 21 (24 now) and have had no symptoms since. However hwen i was sick i did some embarassing things in my hometown. everytime i went to wal-mart or the grocery store i was afraid someone would recognize me and feel sorry for me, or laugh at me, or verbally assault me. i was always afraid i’d have to get into a fight if someone laughed at me or mocked me which would affect my ability to get a job/vote/education due to the fact that it was a crime. everytime i left the house i was risking either a potential life altering legal situation or allowing people to harass me while doing nothing about it (verbally defending yoruself when you are low on the social ladder doesn’t really work too well). Neither was acceptable to me.

I lived in that town until around january 2nd of this year when i moved to the other side of the state. Here nobody but my brother knows my past, i am just a normal person to them. starting in feb or march (probably feb) i started falling asleep at around 11pm. and ever since my normal sleep time has been 11-2am nightly so far. i never have to worry about having to beat anyone up for harassing me, or someone at wal-mart feeling sorry for me or suppresing a laugh when they see me.

end of semi rant

It sounds like the fresh start in the new town is just what you needed. Sleep peacefully.

Wesley, it took me almost 3 months to get into a decent sleep routine. I’m glad you are doing better now, and that you are living in a good place.

I had the roommates from hell, and I never felt comfortable living in the house with them. My house became a haven for multiple boyfriends, drug dealers, abusive boyfriends, and numerous friends with young kids. Most of the time the fights and drug deals happened at night, so I would be wide awake until silence fell. That usually happened at around 4-5am. I got the hell outta there, and into a nice quiet place. Of course, I was used to sleeping at 4am, so even though I had a comfortable, quiet place to sleep, every time I laid down, I would be awake for hours, just waiting for something to happen.

Now I am lucky if I can make it to 2am without dozing off!

One of the symptoms of clinical depression is a change in sleeping habits – either sleeping too much or developing insomnia.

It sounds like some of you have gone through some pretty rough times.

I lived with my mother for a short in my early 20’s. Not only was this a horrible environment at the time, but it was in my childhood home, which I have unplesant memories of. I might or might not have trouble falling asleep but then, every morning without fail, I would wake up at 4am. It got to the point where I didn’t even have to look at the clock to know what time it was.

I have had insomnia at other times, too, generally due to stress or anxiety.

Glad you’re doing better!