Can ladybugs suspend the laws of physics

Can ladybugs suspend the laws of physics and in effect jump instantiously from one point to another. Bending the faberic of space time to effect a change in location.

Every fall they invade all the homes around here. I can come home and vacumm up over a hundred of them. Nobody knows how they’re getting inside.

I’m thinking of applying for a research grant from the federal government to study this phenomenon. A possible break through of folding space time should keep the millions rolling in.

Then again this could be a case of spontanious genius of a living creature. Either way there’s bucks to be made.

Well phobia, often houses have lots of small cracks and ways into them than people realize . Ladybugs I hear, often congregate together to hibernate during the fall months. I bet they go into your house because it is nice and warm and safe.

I remember I was on a camping trip with my Univerisity my freshman year, and in the campground we were at there were hundreds of thousands of these lady bugs all congregating along a stream bank. They were so plentiful we filled a 1 gallon zip-lock bag full of them (We were going to use them as self defense if the other camp sites attacked, since there was to be an all out war between each campsite, we were going to put handfuls of ladybugs in our “enemies” tents :)).

‘The beginning calls for courage; the end demands care’

I had a big ladybug problem last year. This summer hired a couple of locals to paint my house. They did a very good job and caulked up anyplace that needed it. This fall no ladybugs.

The house is nice and safe and warm? How safe can it be if they’re getting sucked up in a vaccuum cleaner by the hundreds?

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

Finally, someone else who has the ladybug problem. Don’t they stink when you vacuum them up?

You all missed her point. She wants to get a grant from the federal gov’t for studying ladybugs. I for one think it is a great idea. I mean they give all that money to all those stuffy scientists, why should not one of our own dopers get some research money.

Maybe she could get a lot of money and then only spend a little to write a report and then she could spend the rest on us.

If she will give us each $2,000, what would you buy.

Me a big screen T.V. to go in my newly finished basement.


Yes, they do stink some when vacuumed up. It’s a lot better than them landing on you all night. I just turn on an exhaust fan for awhile for the smell.
The point is I sure could use that grant money. Should I go for one or two million dollars on the application? I could always use some of you as consultants. Spread the wealth I always say.

Go for 2 Million, that leaves more money for consulting and you.

I volunteer to help since I am the only one that picked up the grant idea. I want my cut of the grant pie.