Can Listerine CAUSE Halitosis?

I ask because I often have to work “in close” with my patients, and heretofore I have always used this “Dr. Katz’ Mouthwash”, which although very expensive, seemed to do the.

A couple of days ago I ran out of the stuff, and so did the strore I usually buy it from, so I was forced to use Listerine (a BIG change for me, since I had been using the other stuff for over a year).

So I have noticed that little “pull back” that one sometimes gets when one’s breath is offensive, which leads to me to ask the question.

The Katz stuff is oxygen driven so I am wondering if the change is causing me to have bad breath.

An ideas?



As a Listerine user, I bloody well hope not.

Well, Listerine itself smells pretty strong and offensive to me, so maybe your patients are reacting to that, not to “bad breath”, per se. Do you use it right before the contact?

The best products I’ve ever used had chlorophyll, which neutralizes odor. Used to be a gum, but I haven’t seen it in a while. Chewing on wheat grass does the trick (but then, they’d be pulling back going, EWWW, you have grass stuck in your teeth:))

Regular Listerine stinks. Not the same odor as bad breath, but it’s not pleasant, and it tends to linger.

Try the orange or the blue variety.

I agree that regular Listerine does not smell pleasant. I use the Vanilla Mint variety and I like the way it tastes and smells. God, regular Listerine reminds me of a smell you might find upon opening a long-forgotten tupperware.

I hate the smell of Listerine breath. It’s not bad breath the way normal untreated bad breath smells, but it’s bad nonetheless.