Listerine Fresh Mint Vanilla

It’s “less intense,” my ass!

They fooled me again! I tried the Listerine Citrus, and found it to be just as “intense” as the old stuff, “intense” being defined as the sensation of swishing the tender oral tissues with burning kerosene. Then, they made the same promise on their next product. New! Vanilla Mint! Less intense, but equally effective!

Why, oh, why did my brain say, “Hey, Lissa, look at that! It’s vanilla! You like vanilla. Vanilla has never burned your mouth. Go ahead-- buy it. Your gums will thank you.”

I managed to hold it in my mouth for about ten seconds before spitting it out and hurriedly splashing water on my burned tongue. My eyes were watering, and I actually rubbed my tongue on a towel. “What the hell happened to you?” Hubby asked, horrified by my red face and weeping eyes. All I could do was point to the offending Bottle Of Fire.

I think this line of products must be designed for people like my grandmother, who feels that no “medicine” is effective unless it stings and burns like hell.

It may sting and burn like hell (that’d be beccause of the alcohol and a few other chemicals) but damn, the stuff works. I use it regularly, I never floss, and nary a cavity nor gingavitis to be seen. Oh, and I’ve always found that when you spit it out (around ten seconds) is the worst of it, but the pain goes sharply downhill after that. You mouth gets used to it. And, the more you do it, the more used to it it gets, till you don’t even notice anymore.

You know, an acquaintance once said the same thing about childbirth. She said right after the kid is born, you don’t even “notice” the pain any more, and after the third child, it gets much easier. :smiley:

I use that stuff twice a day. I look at it as a challenge and test myself to see how long I can keep it in my mouth inspite of the burning.

We tried Scope which, btw, doesn’t burn at all, but something happened to the Scope while it was being swished so that when I spit it out there were little squiggly threads of coagulated scope in the sink. Mr. Jones and I were a little put off by this and switched back to Listerine when the Scope had run out.

I just purchased the Vanilla Mint yesterday. Bring on the burn! :smiley:

It tastes like burning!
</ralph wiggum>

I kinda like the burn. To me, it is the feeling of germ death.

You spit this stuff out? It is far too yummy to not swallow. I’m thinking about pouring some on chocolate chip ice cream, mmmmm.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… :smiley:

Am I the only one that can’t taste the vanilla? Or the mint for that matter? It just tastes like burning.

But it gets better with practice. Of course then I have to rinse out my mouth a couple dozen times to make it stop burning and tasting like I just went to the dentist.

Where’d y’all buy it? I haven’t managed to stumble across it yet.

I’ve had good luck with Crest’s Pro Health Rinse (I think that’s the name). No burn at all and it seems to do the job just fine.

I like the Vanilla Mint. Like Mindfield, I think of it as germdeath.

That orange flavored stuff is just freaking nasty, and the original Listerine is hideous.

I think you’re on to something. There used to be a spray-on antiseptic called Bactine that was marketed as something for kids since it didn’t sting when applied. I read (therefore it must be true) that the company added the “sting” back when people didn’t buy because they figured it wasn’t working otherwise.

By the way, have you ever read the label for original Listerine? It’s supposed to be effective for athletes foot and dandruff. And I gargle with it.

I actually like the original formula. Specifically, I like the way my mouth feels afterward and that there’s no artificial sweetener taste (bleah). Then again, I’m a whiskey drinker, so I may be a bit less sensitive to such things than many folks.

God yes! It smells and tastes like Bacardi O. Blech!

I have read the original lable for Lysol. It gave directions for using it as a douche. I shit you not.

Obviously, a lot of women were horribly burned by it, so they took the directions off of the lable.

I have a bottle of vanilla mint Listerine. Tried it exactly once – it left the worst aftertaste in my mouth. shudder

My dentist recommended Listerine specifically (as I had some mild gingivitis). The hygenist said she liked the citrus flavour, so I got some on sale. The first time it did feel like swishing with acid, but a few times after that it became quite pleasant, and I use it a couple of times a week now.

I can’t imagine what the vanilla flavour would be like… now I’m intrigued. :smiley:

That’s exactly what the Marketing Dept. had in mind.

Just like you would imagine Vanilla Mint with GermDeath would taste like. :smiley:

Just bought the Vanilla Mint myself. Don’t care for the flavor too much. It’s not awful, but not as pleasant and “refreshing” as some mouthwashes. And it is most definately NOT less intense. I liked the Citrus one, and I thought that THAT one was less intense.

The last bottle of mouthwash was Crest ProHealth, which had no burn and seemed to work well. I, too, noticed the little “squiggles”. I think that it’s just strands of mucus/saliva which has absorbed the dye used for coloring.