I'm addicted to Listerine Toothpaste

Strictly speaking, that isn’t accurate. I’m addicted to the way my mouth feels after using it.

Listerine itself is addictive. I weaned off of it some months ago, but now, with the toothpaste, I’m like a lab rat pounding on that cocaine bar in my cage when I fire up the Oral-B.

How weird is this? Anyone else wanna confess, to this or other oddball fetishes?

You of course are, strictly speaking, a freak. :wink:

I do like that brand of toothpaste myself. I even got disappointed when I went to buy it last month and they were out (bought a Colgate knockoff and it just wasn’t anywhere close to the same). I prefer the gel, not the paste, with the green tint. But the fascination ends with the last spit to the sink. Mouth doesn’t feel any better/cleaner/different than after I use regular tartar control Crest. But I do think that it has a pleasant/funky flavor, and I am totally convinced that because it is ‘Listerine’ it is better at killing off all those nasty bugs that dwell in your mouth.

My weird thing now is that I only use TUMS E-X Sugar Free, Orange Cream flavored antacids. They taste just like those St. Josephs children’s aspirin (you know the ones) that I used to take as a tyke. Bless 'em, they’re good. Makes me almost want to go to bed with an upset stomach…

But back to you…, where was I? Oh, yeah…, you’re a freak.