Can meth be safetly used

From what I understand, most illegal drugs can be used safetly by a rational, smart person, who has done his research and has a safe source that he can rely on. Cocaine, ectasy etc won’t kill/cause severe lasting damage you if you use them well, but my understanding is that this is not the case with Meth - it damages your brain somehow.

Is this true?

They will all cause long-term physiological changes; for many you’re essentially overloading your neuroreceptors and changing the way they respond to your natural neurochemicals. The severity of this does differ depending on the drug and what parts of the brain they activate.

While most of the people you see on meth tend to live in trailers and probably had few teeth before meth, it seems to be hubristic if one thinks they can “control” their own drug use. Addiction operates on separate modalities than intelligence.

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It depends on how much you use at at a time, also. Somebody who uses a tiny pinch of methamphetamine as an occasional pick-me-up is going to be at a lot less risk for any physiological damage than somebody who snorts ten lines a day.

Screwing around with neurotransmitters is always a dicey proposition.

Screwing around with them by using drugs which make you feel great even when you have no good reason to feel great is even dicier, and a good way to dissolve away rationality and “smarts” in the user.