What are the effects of Crystal Methane?

I would like to know the exact effects of Crystal Methane, on the brain especially, with as much documentation and anatomical gobbledy-gook you can throw in. I need a lot of info on this. Thanks a lot for anyone who can come up with anything.

Crystal Methane? or Crystal Meth (as in methamphetamine?)

erowid.com answers many drug questions.

Well, that’s another question alltogether. I’m not sure what either is, though the local term is “ice.” Any information on either would be welcome, as long as it is noted which is which. Thanks for pointing that out Joey.

Methane is CH[sub]4[/sub], a very flammable gas at room temperature. My guess is that among the effects of “crystal” (ie, solid) methane would be frostbite, as methane melts at -182C and boils at -164C.

Methinks you mean “methamphetamine”.

Check silkstar’s site. It’s got the dope on dope.
You’ve picked one of the nastiest drugs out there to talk about, for sure. Is this for a report or something like that?

If are probably talking about methane hydrate, which is a clathrate of methane in water ice.

There is quite a good discussion of this at http://www-personal.umich.edu/~lkomjath/methane_hydrate.htm

Unfortunately the article does not explore the behaviour of methane clathrate brought in contact with the brain. There is probably not much need for this type of research, though the clathrate would probably quickly evolve gaseous methane in contact with a brain at room temperature.

Methane clathrates are fascinating substances. I am heartened to see interest in this field.


there you go, a bit shorter, easier to understand (one page as opposed to fourteen links) summary of the drug…

That site offers this bit of information

So I have to seriously question the worth of any other information listed therein.

My own and much biased opinion?
The shit will fry your brain and your innards. But I think the OP’s just doing some research, and did ask for “as much documentation and anatomical gobbledy-gook you can throw in”.
So there!
“liberating nature of the drug” my ass.
All this ranting from a pro-legalization advocate (me).

that has more info than you could possibly want.

Half-life is 11 hours.
Difficult to control self-administration of the drug.
Repeated doses cause irreversible decreases in dopamine and serotonin in the brain.
Unlike cocaine, ICE-induced psychosis can persist for days or weeks.

From “A primer of drug action”
Robert M. Julien, Ph.D., M.D.
7th Edition.

The county I live in is the meth capital of the world. More meth is produced here than in any other geographic area. The next geographic area (amaller than a country i presume) is the entire state of California. From the 2 meth lab busts ive seen, and the charred remains of the 3 ive seen that had blown up, Id say that the affects are either a lump on the head from the SWAT team throwing you down on the driveway to hand cuff you, or a complete lack of braincells causing you to blow your garage up.

Damn right. Just because it’s legal to give yourself a chainsaw colonoscopy doesn’t make it intelligent.

Very simply, methamphetamines are a class of stimulants. They increase heart rate, respiration, and awareness levels, at the expense of doing serious damage to your brain’s neurochemical balance (serotonin levels in particular). Long-term users may develop psychosis, or a disconnect from reality, and are at risk of hallucinations and delusions. Sleep-deprivation causes its own problems, and sleep isn’t something a methamphetamine user isn’t interested in doing.

That’s a bare taste of the full effects. Try the links for more.

Thanks for all the info guys, this helps out a lot. I’m actually researching this because I know some people who are into it, and I like to be prepared for anything. Thanks again.

In that case, based on what I’ve seen, keep your distance, don’t lend them money, watch some of them gradually turn into walking wreckage, or just disappear into some street scene that you know nothing about. Say goodbye, because some of them will not make it. They are playing with a drug that so profoundly alters their physiology that they have no idea what is happening to themselves. I am not a rabit anti-drug person, I just think meth ice is one of the worst things out there.

Be prepared for them to

a. try to hump you
b. try to get money from you
c. be awake all night while getting hornier and more paranoid

‘a friend’ who has been there told me it was the worst possible drug to become involved in

Sorry, I said ‘rabit’, and meant ‘rabid’.
Maybe it’s because I used to work as a lab technician in an animal research facility where they tested amphetamines, heroin, and other stuff on rats and rabbits. It was a disturbing experience.

It’s difficult to figure out what he’s talking about, Ice is a slang for Methamphetamine; 4-methylaminorex; Amphetamine; Cocaine; MDMA (Ecstasy); PCP; and crack. But I think he’s talking about Crystal Meth. I’m compiling a book on drug slangs so ask me if you have any questions on it. It’s affects last much longer than Cocaine and has a good effect on long term and short term memory. Your appetite usually decreases and it’s very addicting. Once you use it you have to take more and more to satisfy your need. Much like most drugs. There are some rare side effects but don’t bet on them. And take it easy using it if that is what you’re planning to do.

“Take it easy”? I have never known a tweaker who could take it easy. If you get into meth, be prepared to throw away your money, possesions, job, home, family, friends, and health for the drug.