Can One Disable Google Toolbar AutoFill on Webpages?

Can a webmaster disable Google toolbar’s autofill for particular fields in a form?

I doubt it. I guess it is possible that the form is being created in a way that the Google toolbar does not recognize so it is not working. It is also possible that the text fields that it is failing for do not have logical names, but I’m not exactly sure.

What is the URL of the site that it is not working?

I run into this all the time, but I don’t think it’s something that the Webmaster has done. I think that some of the fields just don’t correspond to Google’s template. For example, when you sign up at a site, you’re often asked to enter an email address during the registration process. You’re then asked to reenter the email address. For the first field, my autofill shows the various email addresses I’ve used over the years; for the second, nothing.

Google lists the technical specs on how to name fields so that autofill will recognize it.

A webmaster conceivably could then name the fields so it won’t register: e.g., Z I P instead of Zip Code.

If that’s the case, the webmaster could use image files for the field labels rather than plain text.

Huh? You sure you’re not confusing IE’s “Auto Complete” with Google’s autofill? You have to manually enter a single address into Google’s Autofill options page - only one address at a time will work. I have my home email address with the GTB at home and my work address on my work PC - not “various addresses”.