Can relative THC content be determined by the human nose?

“Dude, this is some strong weed. Smell it!”

Would THC potency manifest itself as an aromatic overabundance?

Maybe since the weed is well cared for, it’s scent can flourish as well as the THC content? The more colorfull varieties tend to be more potent IIRC, maybe specialization attracts mutation. Is this method of determining potency even a little bit accurate?


the part of the plant that is, er, consumed is the flowers. Flowers smell the way they do because they produce certain essential oils and/or resins. The more of the oils/resins a plant produces, the more the flower will smell.

The THC in cannabis is contained in the resin secreted by the flowers, and the smell will likely vary according to the chemical makeup (which particular cannabinoids are more or less prevalent- THC is only one of many psychoactive substances in the cannabis plant), so I imagine that a true connisseur would be able to tell not only how potent the weed was but how it would likely affect him/her (spacey high, make you sleepy, make you all philosophical, whatever).